Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Quick Review - Keep Your Pants On!

First off - good news! My camera finally arrived! In fact, this is the first post with the new and improved pictures in action. However, I hope you will all understand if I keep it short so I can play with my new toy!

One other note before the review - I’m getting pretty excited about some upcoming improvements to the blog. We recently registered the domain name ‘WideEyesTightWallets.com’ (goodbye pesky tumblr address) and at some point may be ditching tumblr altogether for something with more customizable options. In the meantime, we are working on a custom theme that should be a vast improvement (along with some other suprises)! Long story short: be excited.

OK. Review time. In the past month or two I have purchased two new belts that have turned out to be pretty durn worthy purchases. Basically, I had previously been buying all my belts at Target or Sears and ending up with these crappy, bonded leather belts that fall apart after like, a month of wear. The leather ‘cracks’ and loses its already lacking luster, and the buckles detach (once in public, it was wonderful). I finally got fed up with it and sought out a good, quality leather dress belt. I landed on a belt from Everlane due mostly to the myriads of great reviews and the simple fact that it looked nice on their website (don’t ask me to elaborate on that, it just looked like it was gonna kick ass). I picked black with a silver buckle, but definitely plan on hitting up the other options now that I have the most basic of basics covered. Because the belt is awesome:


The leather is soft but sturdy and at 1” thick it’s the perfect width for a pair of dress pants. The belt features a unique buckling system that shows just one hole and one length of ‘leftover’ belt past the buckle, but remains fully adjustable. I think this looks great…it’s just much more simple and you never have a floppingly (yupp, invented word) long strap hanging off the buckle. The only downside is that it takes a little getting used to and is slightly less intuitive than a standard buckle (but only when attaching, and you should really only be in a hurry to get those pants OFF, not on). Right now Everlane only offers the 1” option, which is a little narrow for casual pants or jeans, but I did ask them about other widths and they are considering them for the future. Also, I recommend sizing down. I wear a 30” waste, which would fall under a Medium according to their sizing chart, but the medium was too loose even at the tightest setting. Overall though, they did a helluva job…good enough to have me set on trying out their other products.

The second belt was actually more of an impulse buy. Levi’s had it on sale for something like $15 and were offering free shipping for one day so I jumped on it. I’ve been seeing these bright, D-ring belts popping up all over the place and have been digging it. I really like any way to pop a little bit of color into any outfit, and I think this is a great way to do it. With spring coming up, I really wanted to give it a shot, so voila. Green belt = mine.


The belt itself is obviously of solid quality, coming from Levi’s. Nylon strap (1.5” wide) and solid D-rings to hold it in place, the thing is pretty damn tough. Holds your pants up just fine. Really, it’s the color and concept that I’m reviewing, and I highly recommend a bright belt as a spring accessory.

Alrighty, off to fiddle with the new camera! Hopefully I will learn how to take awesome pictures and won’t break it the first day I have it.

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