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Deals and Steals for the Weekend - 7/18/2014

After a week off, I bet y'all are chomping at the bit for some awesome sales, right? Ha, well, regardless, here you go. First, the usual:

"Every weekend, check in on the blog for a collection of the best (read: my favorite) deals and steals on the interweb for some quality shopping over the weekend. Have any to add? Share them in the comments or shoot me an e-mail. Also, if you're biting on any of these hooks, I'd love to hear about it!"

And this week's deals are...:

Extra 40% Off Final Sale Styles at J.Crew (code SALEFUN): 
Wow, so it really seems like J.Crew has had some sort of discount (from 30% to 50%) off of their sale items pretty regularly for, what, months now? Anyway, we'll keep checking back in on them every so often, as they do change the selection pretty regularly. This week, we're pretty enamored with the prices on some of their more summery Ludlow suits. For example, they have this sharp chino suit in olive (pants here), a nice break from your standard khaki:

Ludlow Suit in Italian Chino | J.Crew
Now, they do have this in khaki too, if the olive is outside your comfort zone. That said, I think the olive color is fantastic. It's been highly touted across the menswear forums, blogs and magazines, and borrows colors from the military trend and applies them to sharp tailoring. These suits, like most Ludlows, are regularly too expensive for anything short of a planned investment, starting at $464, but with the discount off the sale prices, these will only set you back $255 (jacket and trousers together).

Another great option for these warmer months is this suit in a linen-cotton blend (pants here):

Ludlow Suit in Italian Linen-Cotton | J.Crew
The fabric, alongside a partial lining, is gonna make this bad boy a lifesaver if it ever gets swelteringly hot (surprisingly, Chicago has stayed pretty cool so far this summer). Only slightly more expensive than the chino suit above, these are running $264 (jacket and trousers together), and will be a sharp way to beat the heat.

As usual, we encourage you to peruse the rest of the sale, and keep your eyes open for days with free shipping, as J.Crew tends to pepper those in throughout the months.

Huckberry SalesBedford and Broome Accessories & Capital Eyewear Sunglasses:
Moving from suits to accessories, Huckberry has two really nice sales going on. The first is for neckwear and pocket squares from NYC-based Bedford and Broome. I actually first got turned onto these guys after seeing this picture on the Tie Society Instagram - it features some hella-sharp Everett ties, and it turns out that Everett is now Bedford and Broome. Anyway, I was excited to see them pop up here, and am really digging this red chambray tie.

Crosby Necktie | Bedford and Broome via Huckberry
I've talked about chambray enough for you folks to know how much I love it as a summery fabric. I already have a blue-grey chambray tie, and have been looking to add a red one to the mix, so I just might have to pick this one up. The discount knocks these down $5, which isn't a ton, but more than covers the shipping costs and leaves the ties running just under $30.

I've also been checking out the section from Capital Eyewear. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know by now that I've been on the hunt for some sharp sunglasses - specifically with clear frames, a trend I've been loving. Most of what I've found so far has been either not quite my style, or super expensive, and these are a fantastic middle ground:
Morgan Sunglasses | Capital Eyewear via Huckberry

Regularly $125, they are now just under $100 via Huckberry, which is much more affordable than the almost-$400 pair by Garrett Leight that I've been drooling over, but promises to be much more stylish and better quality than something I'll find for $20 at Topman.

Up to 70% Off (or more?) Sale Items at Reiss:
Last on the sale list is this huge discount being offered by Reiss. I personally don't have experience with the brand, but I've read a lot of good things about them. I've tended to be a bit turned off by their high shipping fees, but the prices on some of their high-end tailored suits and jackets are so ridiculously low right now that, even with those shipping costs included, you can't call them anything but a steal. First, this grey wool jacket caught my eye, especially at just $95, from a regular price of $465:

Hastings Soft Grey Wool Blazer | Reiss
Now, that crazy low price is way more than a 70% price-drop, hence the 'or more' above. Anyway, what I really like about this option, beside the price, is that it's only partially lined, which makes it much more versatile through the warmer spring and fall (and maybe even summer) months than most wool jackets. The color is versatile, the styling classic, what more could you want?

For something a bit more eye-catching, try this navy blazer with peak lapels in a cotton linen blend:

Silva Navy Peak Lapel Light Blazer | Reiss
Again, hugely discounted from an original price of $445 down to $140, you can't argue that it's a helluva deal. And again, it's just partially lined - but this time around the fabric is a lightweight blend that makes it even more seasonal. On top of that, I really like the slightly lighter shade of navy, and the peak lapel details are right up my alley.

Browse through the rest of the sale as well - Reiss has a lot of really nice products, usually too expensive, that are surprisingly affordable on the tail end of this sale (I especially like a lot of the knit products).

Alright, we're gonna cut it off after those three, but there are a good deal of other sales going on that are definitely worth taking a look at, so we rounded up a little list of honorable mentions:

Extra 50% Off Clearance Items at J.Crew Factory (code EXTRA50): They're calling this one the 'Clear the Clearance' sale - sizes are limited on a lot of things, but there are some crazy cheap products to be had in pretty much every category.

Extra 40% Off Sale Items at Levi's (code EXTRA40SALE): If you're like me and have Levi's as your go-to for jeans, this is a fantastic chance to get some nice 511's for just a little over $20. They've also got a nice selection of denim jackets as well as shirts, while I found the accessories section a bit disappointing (but I'll let that slide, because $20ish jeans).

Gant by Michael Bastian at Haute: One of my favorite, unaffordable designers, now at unusually affordable prices, thanks to a flash sale from the fellas at Haute. Personally, I'm especially digging some of the casual shirts, but it's all pretty sharp.

Chambray and White Denim at Gilt: I usually stick to the brand-specific features at flash-sale sites, rather than general categories, but damn if chambray and white denim don't look friggin awesome paired with each other. Lots of brands here, lots of good prices.

Aaand that's it for today! Happy shopping, and enjoy your weekend.

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