Monday, May 6, 2013

I just have a quick announcement for all of you in lieu of an actual blog post. I've been working on changing blog hosts from tumblr to Blogger/Blogspot for a variety of reasons (mainly, tumblr pisses me off, and Blogger seems to have a lot more usable advanced features).

While we do have design changes planned that we are working on, the layout and content as of now are relatively mirrored. The tumblr site is still operating and will (for now) be updated with the new content as well. is still your go-to to find us, but we can also now be found at, our new home.

Hopefully, you readers won't notice too much of a difference. That said, there are obviously some snags we will be working out over the next few days (double-checking links, fixing formatting errors, the like). Web design (even as minimally as Blogger requires) is not my field, per se, so I'm bumbling through this as best I can! Meantime, feel free (nay, encouraged) to help a brotha out and point out any snafus, inconsistencies or problems you notice.

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