Friday, May 10, 2013

The Latest in eBay Steals and Deals

My recent quest has been a mission to stock my closet with summer-appropriate shoes. I spent all winter snagging great classic leather shoes off of eBay, but now that things are starting to heat up, I'm finding myself with a sadly small number of sock-optional footwear. So it was off to eBay to start the hunt, and over the past few weeks I scoured the listings for suede wingtips and boat shoes. The biggest problem I kept coming across was that I REALLY didn't want a pair of shoes that had seen any sort of heavy use. Well-worn is fine when it comes to leather year-round shoes that I will always be wearing with socks, but I don't want my sweaty feet going where other people's sweaty feet have already been. That said, I just had to be a little patient, and just this week I managed to score these winners:

As with a lot of eBay purchases, there were a few little things that kept this from being a perfect score. Mainly, the sole is a little thicker than I'd prefer for a light summer shoe, and the toe is a bit rounded. Honestly though, that's just me trying to be super-picky for 'review' sake.

The best part: these shoes came in damn near brand new condition. If the guy had told me they had never been worn, I wouldn't have doubted him for a minute. Even better: they were only a total of $45, with shipping. Beat that.

And on that note, my snazzy new shoes and I are headed to Owen and Engine for a classy night of English-styled libations. TGIF!

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