Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Product Endorsement: Pact 'Farm' No-Show Socks

So, summer weather is finally here in Chicago! Which can only mean one thing (ok, it means many things, but one of those things is...): it's time to go sockless.

One of the great things about summer is shedding your socks and letting your ankles show. Not only is it cool and comfortable, it's a very stylish look as well. However, if you've ever tried to wear leather shoes without any socks, you know darn well just how quickly cool and breezy becomes sweaty, stinky and blistered. The good news is that there are numerous ways to avoid these problems. Foot powders seem to be a popular option, but my favorite remedy has become these 'no-show' or 'loafer' socks by Pact:

Pact 'Farm' No-Show Socks (3-Pack) (Men)

Yes, I suppose this is kind of cheating as you won't really be sockless, but honestly, you really get all the benefits with no downside. If you're wearing leather shoes, your actual feet won't be breathing anyway, but these socks let you look the part, plus having your ankles bare increases your circulation and cools you down the same way that rolling up your sleeves does. There are other loafer socks out there, but I highly recommend trying these ones out. Little rubber nubs in the heel keep the sock from sliding off in your shoe, and the cotton/spandex/lycra composition is soft and comfortable. The profile is just high enough on the foot to stay secure, while still staying low enough to be hidden in all but the skimpiest of footwear. Add to that the fact that Pact is an uber-eco-friendly company (these socks are made using 100% wind power, pretty cool), and these become a no-brainer. The icing on the cake? You can snag a three-pack of these at Nordstrom.com, with free shipping, for only $12.00. Get some funky colors like those above like I did, or take a safer route with the more neutral grey/blue combination also offered at Nordstrom, but honestly you shouldn't be able to see the sock anyway, so go with whatever tickles your fancy. They make a women's version as well, and I've already convinced my galpal to get her own pair, and she loves 'em as much as I do.  'Nuff said.

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