Thursday, August 8, 2013

Recent Purchases - The Tie Bar

Just a quick post today. I tweeted/instagrammed a week or two back when I visited a pop-up booth that The Tie Bar had set up at the Daley Center in downtown Chicago. I have a personal aversion to paying for shipping, and the little shopping bazaar is only a block away from my work, so I couldn't resist the temptation to go pick up a few new pieces to add to my ever-growing collection of neckwear. When I originally posted, I promised to show my purchases on the blog, so here I am, living up to that promise.

This tie is another cotton one, and will probably be my last seasonal tie purchase of this summer. It's a simple blue/grey stripe that's quickly becoming one of my favorites. It's light and breezy enough to be a cheerful summer tie, but the classic stripes and subtle colors remain slick and classy. I wore this outfit to work today and had half of the secretaries bugging me all day about what job interview I was going to (I was not, for the record). Honestly, most of this look is pretty standard for my day-to-day, so I gotta attribute this at least in some part to this hella-awesome tie.

I'll try to throw up some pics of myself in my other purchase, but in case I don't get around to it for a bit, here's the image from The Tie Bar:

I LOVE a good knit tie for the versatility...the thicker substance of the tie makes it great with winter fabrics, while the looser weave of the fabric makes it pair wonderfully with summer-wear as well. I'm also a huge fan of polka-dots, and the size of these dots is a great balance between straight-up-business pin-dots and goofy clown-show over-sized options. Pick either of these up at (along with countless other great ties) for a mere $15.00 each.

And I'll leave you with this...

...because my photographer girlfriend always makes me take a goofy one!
AND it's always important to remember to have fun.

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