Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Top of My 'Buy List' for Fall

First things first: The Wide Eyes, Tight Wallets, "Wits + Beaux Giveaway" still has about 5 hours to go....get your entries in now to win some great socks!

On to new biz: The other day I posted a list of things I was excited for with the Fall season around the corner. I gotta make a big addition to the list, as I think these are at the very top of my fall 'To-Buy' list. I've been having a lot of fun with bright colors this summer, and as the it gets cooler I plan to keep it colorful, but to transition to more seasonal hues. I'm thinking dark greens and deep blues to take over the mints and sky-blues of summer. Call it what you want, oxblood, burgundy, dark-dark-red, this color was the color of the season last fall, and it's really not going anywhere this year. I love the color, partly for the richness and variety of tones, and more-so for the the fact that for how good-looking it is, there are suprisingly few people on the streets wearing it.

THUS, top of my 'To-Buy' list is a pair of oxblood chinos. Fellow bloggers Bowties and Boatshoes just  gave a little review/preview of this pair of twill Chinos from Bonobos and I'm captivated: 

They are running $148.00 with no sale price at this time, which is a bit out of my budget, so I may be looking for something slightly more affordable. Any suggestions? What's the first item you're going after this fall? Got any favorite colors in mind?

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