Monday, September 16, 2013

Losing Your Stuff and Maybe (?) Buying It Back!

Brilliant person that I am, I left my laptop bag on the train on my way home today. I fell asleep between stops (yup, that's me you see doing that on the red line every day), jolted awake at my exit, and walked right off the train without picking up the bag, which was right at my feet. I'm a little frustrated with myself, incidentally. As soon as I realized my mistake, the train doors closed and the train left the platform. At this point, the proper calls have been made (namely one call, to the ever-pleasant transit worker who told me "They don't look for stuff until the end of the shift. Call back tomorrow,") so tomorrow it is. Hopefully at that point I'll have all of my stuff returned to me, no harm done! But I'll settle for just the friggin bag. Actually I didn't even have much of value in there, besides a nook. Thank god.

Anyway, in case I don't get anything back, or get back an empty bag, or get everything back and want to use this as a sartorial(?) exercise, I decided to ponder what I would buy if I had to replace everything that was in the bag. So here you have it, and I'll throw the rest of my EDC (that wasn't abandoned by myself with the contents of my bag) in at the end.

1. The Bag:
Ok, starting with the basics. Actually, a post from the folks at Dappered really helps out here. Regarding one of J. Crew's more recent sales, Dappered recommended the Abingdon Laptop Bag marked down to $58.50. Not o brag, but I got mine for a little closer to $35...but then again it was a J. Crew Factory bag, which actually entirely explains the price difference. To stop myself from rambling, this is a great bag to have. The shoulder strap lets you wear it cross-body while you bike (which I do), or casually over your shoulder when you're in your more relaxed digs. Then, when it's suit time, you have briefcase-esque handles to keep that shoulder strap away from your coat and the way it pulls and distorts the drape. Don't even ask. Or do, maybe, this is a huge pet peeve of mine. Topic for a later debate. The waxed cotton canvas is sturdy and will hold up well. All around it's a great bag to balance high-low and therefore be VERY versatile.
$58.50 after discounts (regularly $98) From J. Crew

2. My Books:
I love to read. I also hate being bored, so my nook and I were like, best buds. Sure, I take a hard-copy book with me every so often, but my nook gives me days of entertainment. But this time, I'd upgrade. I've had my eye on a iPad mini (still gotta be able to hold it with one hand on the train), and this could just be the push that gets me to pull the trigger. The books I'm currently on? I'm re-reading some Kurt Vonnegut, for shits and giggles, but next I'm dead set on getting another read of one of new favorites, 'Prepare to Die.' Previously recommended on the blog, read it, please, you won't be disappointed.

$329+ From Apple

3. Key Case
I know this one is a little expensive, and I might not actually bite on it, but I'm so damn tired of my keys jangling around all the time, scratching up everything in my bag, and getting horrible tangled with my headphones. Enough is enough. These cases are just classy little envelopes to keep your keys in order. I like them, and I want one.
$59.00 From Kaufmann Mercantile

4. Notebooks:
I was never really one to spontaneously take notes, but over the past year or so I've found my self constantly e-mailing myself stupid little messages and reminders and names and ideas and all of the sudden I had the revelation that this would be so much easier on a little pad I took everywhere. It didn't quite catch on like gangbusters, but I do write in them regularly and I do find that they help me organize my thoughts. I just use the ones my girlfriend got me, but I'm a big fan of the Moleskine Ruled Reporter Notebook. It flips over the top, which I prefer...I've always hated writing in and out of that center crease on every single line. I'm not on the expensive pen bandwagon yet, so any writing utensil will do. Heck, make it a Bic.
$12.95 from Moleskine

The Rest of My EDC
1. Insulin Pump: Hate to break it to you, but I'm a diabetic. Maybe we can still be friends.
2. iPhone 4: Hate to break to you, but I don't even have the 4*S*. Maybe we can still be friends.
3. Slim Wallet By J. Crew: Only the essentials, every day. Take a minute to think about what you need every morning. Besides being well-prepared, you have a clear vision to start your day.
4. Money Clip: Slim, metal, understated, holds things. That's all I need.
5. FFF Watch: Not only a gift from my fantastic gal, but also one of my favorite accessories. Thing grows on me every time I wear it. Now if only it wouldn't tick so loud...

So, add up everything I have to replace, stick another 10 or so on top to replace my work badge to account for the winning $5 scratch off I had yet to return aaaand we'll say today has cost me JUST: 459.45. Fuck my life. Ok, I'll stop whining long enough to admit I don't need an iPad, so let's adjust for a new nook instead at $80.00, bringing out grand slam total to: $210.45. Still no walk in the park for what should have just been a ride on the train (see what I did there?), thats stomachable, I guess. It won't put me out on the streets at least. Well, tomorrow is a new shiny day, maybe I'll get all of my crap back, no problems!

And I hope you are all impressed that I put this together less than 4 hours after said incident occurred (just wanted some Law & Order talk on the site, for once).

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