Thursday, September 12, 2013

Bonobos Oxleys - The Results (An In-Person Review)

As promised, here is a quick update on the pair of Oxleys I snagged at Bonobos' summer sale. To reiterate, these guys were a steal, and I had been hearing incredible things about them all summer, so I couldn't resist grabbing em when the priced dipped below $40 (with shipping).

The pants are, well, incredible. They are literally the most comfortable thing I've ever worn (including the hospital scrubs I stole last time I was in for a broken leg). They dress down great with some beach clothes or nautical themed knitwear. I wear them a lot with a tan striped pullover from Target, perfect for cool nights on the shore. At the same time, press the legs and they dress up as well as any trouser. Today I wore them to the office for what is hopefully the last 90+ degree day of the year. It was too humid for even a dress shirt and tie, but even with the polo and dress shoes this is by all means meets the law firm office dress code. It looks even sharper with the shirt and tie, and can easily be paired with a lightweight blazer (as I believe they are shown on

Ignore my dopey expression. One of those days.
My hesitation when buying these was that the slim option was not available, just the straight leg. Of course, something like the day after I ordered these, they dropped the slim pants down to the same sale price, but such is life. To be honest, these were a bit too baggy when I first got them, but they were a tad long as well, so I just threw them in the drier. Now they fit just fine. I might have the leg slimmed down a bit more at some point, but I've been wearing them regularly since I then with no complaints.

Bottom line: these pants get a huge thumbs up and high recommendation from Wide Eyes, Tight Wallets. These are currently only available in the sale section on the Bonobos site, and are probably being phased out in favor of heavier fall and winter fabrics, so go grab a pair while you still can!

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