Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How to Rock It (featuring Past the Pocket)

Last month, Past the Pocket was kind enough to send us one of their fabulous pocket squares for a review. This month, we're bringing their square back to the blog as we feature it in two different outfits. Hopefully these styling examples will give you some inspiration for rocking a similar square yourself. If you like what you see, pick up the 'Some Kind of Blue' chambray pocket square from Past the Pocket for the everyday low cost of $10.

In last month's review, I expressed my opinion that "the best thing about a solid chambray pocket square is it's versatility." With that spirit in mind, I wanted to show you just how versatile this square is by working it into both an all-decked-out ensemble and a laid-back-casual 'fit, side by side.

Admittedly, some chambrays are inherently more rough and rugged, but that's what I love about this fabric from Past the Pocket. It's just soft and luxurious enough that it doesn't look out of place when worn next to sleeker, dressier fabrics like the white twill shirt and blue wool suit.

I picked the wool tie to give this a more seasonal feel (photographed on a beautiful fall day) and to accompany the heartier textural element that the square brings to the look. Also, the sky-blue pin stripes really add to the blue theme of the look. The suit is actually my new made-to-measure number from Dragon Inside (further review to come), and the shirt is another new purchase from Modern Tailor (always highly recommended, use this link for $20 off your first purchase). I'd feel comfortable wearing this to a business meeting, a posh dinner date, or even a wedding.

Not headed to a business meeting, posh dinner date, or a wedding? Dressing for casual Friday in the office, or a trip to that new craft beer bar? No problemo. The square is just as easy to dress down. I picked a simpler fold and tucked it into the pocket of my brown blazer from Frank and Oak.

This blazer can be dressed up as well, but the flecked coloring does lend well to a more casual feel. To keep it dressed-down, I skipped the tie and wore this dirt-cheap Target OCBD, which as actually become one of my wardrobe favorites (despite some previously-mention issues with the armholes). The stripes play well with the color of the pocket square, while the fabric choice helps nudge the square towards casual territory. Not shown in the picture, I rocked this with a simple blue-jeans and boat shoes combo, which is my go-to casual gear. Piece of cake.

How would you wear it? Share your thoughts in the comments, or shoot me an e-mail!

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