Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Staying Sharp - A Wide Eyes, Tight Wallets Endorsement

It's been a busy week (I know, I know, what else is new?) so this will be a brief post, but it's perfect time for the holidays! Whether you want to look fresh and well groomed for your family visit or are looking for a great gift for a dapper dude, we've got you covered.

The side-part, or some variety of it, is pretty much the go-to haircut for a 'grown-up' man. It has been for ages, and probably always will be. We aren't going to go far down the road of how to get a great cut, or whether or not it really is the best cut to get, but we've found the key to keeping that side part on point.

Most guys these days are seriously trying to channel the Mad Men vibe, slicked back and impeccably combed, but even if you are trying something a bit looser, pomade is going to be your hair product of choice. The right pomade will inject your hair with that desirable shine while maintaining enough hold to keep your hair in place without turning it into a freakin' helmet. Unfortunately, most pomades will also leave your head and anything it touches (pillow, sheets, hands, face, you name it) sticky and greasy. Some of those bad boys even have black ink in them, and unless you're OCD-levels careful, you will ruin everything you own. Not so with Baxter of California's Soft Water Pomade.

It's a water-based pomade, with the same sleek shine, but minus the grease. Instead of sticking to everything and NEVER COMING OUT, water-based pomade is really pretty harmless, and washes out with a quick rinse. Boom. Pomade problems solved.

Plus, if you ask me, the level of hold is perfect...my hair is kind of thin and mid-length. Usually I struggle between pomades that stick my kinda-thin hair right to my head, or ones that can't handle the length and everything just falls in my face. Baxter's Soft Water Pomade keeps everything in place, but is light enough to let me comb a little lift into my 'do. 

Baxter of California | Soft Water Pomade - $18 via Barneys

You can find some other water-based pomades out there, and I have tried a few (LayRite in particular wasn't too shabby), but Baxter's is by far the best I've found. Grab some for yourself, or wrap up a jar to toss in some lucky fella's stocking.

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