Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve Style Featuring G.H. Bass Weejuns

Just a quick one for you all this New Year's Eve. G.H. Bass was kind enough to send me a festive pair of Mapache Weejuns as a gift to style for the holiday. I was going to dress em' up, wear em' out, and post my outfit but a) we have a winter storm coming here in Chicago that might limit photo shoot options, and b) I wanted to give you some inspiration in time to dress up yourselves. So, voila, here's my 'fit broken down to it's elements, and look out for in-action pictures on Instagram tonight, or on the blog later this week!

The Shoes:

G.H. Bass's Weejuns are the epitome of classic prep. While loafers had been around for a while, when G.H. Bass starting producing their signature Weejuns in 1934, they added the strip of leather across the vamp, and penny loafers were born. This particular pair eschews the standard polished brown or black leather in favor of a rusty red that is festive and fun without being in-your-face or tacky. As you all know, I'm a big fan of doing something special for a holiday, spicing things up a bit, and these are a perfect instrument to do so. Still, the color is subdued enough that I'll be using these to inject some color into my looks throughout the year, holiday's be damned. 

The Rest of the Outfit(s)
I'm actually rocking two different outfits through the day today, mainly because I have some down-time between work and festivities and didn't want to be dressed to the nines all day. For the few annoying hours I have to be mentally present at work this morning, I donned something a bit more casual, but still sharp and festive:

The red sweater matches great with the shoes with a similar dark, rusty shade. I tend to avoid items that are too 'matchy,' but the variety in texture between the wool and leather, along with the spacial distance, broken up by the dark blue jeans, allows these reds to play off each other nicely. Since the red shoes (and sweater) are a bit bolder of a look, I kept the rest simple with dark jeans, a white shirt, and neutral socks. A little color goes a long way.

Now, of course when I go out for New Year's Eve debauchery, I'll be dressing things up just a bit more. I'm making a few new moves this year, first with the colorful shoes, but also by rocking my very first bow-tie. I'm not sure it's 'my look' on a day-to-day basis, but it's another fun and classy way to spice things up for the holiday.

This look is very similar to my Holiday Concert Outfit featured earlier this month, with some key changes. First, the grey chinos add some class (instead of denim) to the outfit. I especially love this pair for the occasion because they look snazzy but feel tough, and will be able to hold up as I hop in and out of cabs, dance to Pickwick, and pick up all sorts of salt and snowy sludge as I trek through the city. The custom shirt in a luxurious twill from Modern Tailor steps things up from the OCBD I wore earlier, and like I said, the bow-tie is the icing on the cake (if I can ever get it tied).

How about you? Feel free to share your NYE outfit picks in the comments below, or shoot me an e-mail at wideeyestightwallets@gmail.com! Have a fun, safe New Year's Eve and here's to another incredible year in 2014!

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