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Deals and Steals for the Weekend - 9/20/2014

Super busy round here, but still made time to put together some great deals before the end of the weekend! Keep an eye out over the next week or so, got some new product reviews on the way, as well as some cool editorials and new 'Know Your Patterns/Fabrics' additions. Meanwhile:

"Every weekend, check in on the blog for a collection of the best (read: my favorite) deals and steals on the interweb for some quality shopping over the weekend. Have any to add? Share them in the comments or shoot me an e-mail. Also, if you're biting on any of these hooks, I'd love to hear about it!"

Getting pumped about the cooler weather, so we're back to all-fall styles this week. And the deals:

Extra 30% Off Sitewide at J.Crew Factory (code SALE30):
Not a hugely unusual sale for JCF, this one is still a biggie and applies to everything on the site. The possibilities are endless, and JCF has a ton of good stuff in stock right now, so I limited my own picks to the new arrivals, which, of course, are full of great fall duds. Even with that limit, I found a ton of great stuff, so we're going to spend some time on this one! First up are their slim flannel workshirts, which come in a variety of plaids and checks. My favorite is this pink and grey style, marked down to $35 from a starting price of $65:
Slim Flannel Workshirt | J.Crew Factory
I love a good fall flannel, even in very earthy 'fall' colors, but the brighter color scheme on this one could be a refreshing reprieve from the fall doldrums. I feel like last year the flannels were at least hard to find in slim fits, so it's nice to see that these are available in both the slim and the regular. 

Next, adding some weight to the top layer, I've got my eye on this grey tweed work shirt, running $47.60 (down from $88):
Donegal Tweed Workshirt | J.Crew Factory
I'm real big on casual jackets this fall, and a 'shacket' like this is high on my list. I love anything tweed, but tend to see it used more for tailored clothing, and I dig this more casual application. Lighter than most fall jackets, but heavier than most shirts (and from a warmer wool blend), this will make a great layering option as the temps just start to dip. It only comes in a regular fit, not slim, so it may be boxy, but that might also be just enough room to allow for a layer or two underneath. Check it out in person if you can.

Keeping moving up the warmth scale, this new selection has a number of toasty lambswool sweaters. Merino wool is often the sweater fabric of choice, especially for slicker business-casual styles, but lambswool is just that much warmer. Maybe even too warm for early fall, but come winter, when it gets bone-chillingly cold, a sweater like this will become a go-to:
Lambswool Sweater | J.Crew Factory
Here, the colors are for the most part very appropriately earthy, but this green, again, steps a bit out of the normal cold-weather color schemes with a little punch of brightness. It's not summery by any means, but just like the flannel shirt above, could be a cheerier outlier. Lambswool often isn't cheap, but these are marked down to $35 from $70, making them very easy on the wallet as well.

Alrighty, almost ready to wrap it up with JCF, but still have one more, which is probably my favorite on the list, this shawl collar cardigan:
Donegal Shawl-Collar Cardigan | J.Crew Factory
I freakin' love shawl collar sweaters, and actually got to bust one of mine out for the first time this year last night. The nice thing about a cardigan, too, is that the warmer lambswool is easy to pop off if you get too toasty inside. In these fall months, you can even wear it as a light jacket, and then as a mid layer when it gets colder. Again, not usually cheap, but discounted to $56 from almost $100.

Ok, enough with JCF, I guess. There are plenty of other great options, from tweed blazers for under $120, to slim chinos for $35, to camp socks for just $8.75, and everything in between. Check it out.

Free Shipping at H&M (code 2288):
Just a free shipping code (no other discounts to stack), but this is a good chance to grab some of H&M's always-cheap stuff without having to trek down to a store. One of my personal fall favorites from H&M is their shawl-collar cardigan:
Melange Cotton Cardigan | H&M
Looks like this one is cotton, so it won't be quite as warm as the option above from J.Crew, but that $40 base price is damn hard to beat. I have a very similar one from last year's line, and wear it all the time. I'm also a big fan of the slightly-outside-the-box reddish color available this year, although a more standard grey/blue is available as well. 

I'm also a fan of the trendier jackets from H&M - a great chance to test out something a bit outside of your personal style zone without betting the bank on it. I'm thinking about picking up this baseball jacket:
Baseball Jacket | H&M
Again, the base price (this time at $60), is much easier on the wallet than most of the competition. Dig the deep blue color, the bit of shine, and the contrasting white trim - could be really sharp at a tailgate or other fall outing.

I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for some discounted prices to go with the free shipping (fingers crossed). I'll keep ya posted!

To wrap things up, got two choice pieces of fall footwear at super-bargain prices:

Florsheim Veblen on Clearance:
I've heard the Veblen described as the poor man's Alden Longwing Blucher - which is one my personal grail-wishlist items. Regardless, I think it's a beautiful shoe - not a sleek european brogue, but a chunkier, American style shoe that will look perfect under a pair of heavier fall trousers:
Veblen Longwing Brogues | Florsheim
Even the starting price of $180 is pretty damn nice, especially for well-reviewed Goodyear welted shoe. Now, Florsheim is letting them go for just $125 - super hard to pass up (and still over the $100 free shipping threshold)!

Stafford Deacon Wingtip Boot on sale at JCPenney:
I wholly think nice leather boots are something worth splurging on, but it can be hard - not only to fork over the money, but to feel like you can actually wear a pair of $400 shoes in the snow, slush and rain that come with boot-weather. If you need a pair to just beat around without worry, the Stafford Deacon from JCPenney is hard to beat:
Stafford Deacon Wingtip Boot | JCPenney
Surprisingly well-styled for a bargain boot, these are pretty wildly popular on sites like Dappered, and seem to be a pretty good bang for the buck. Poke around the web for some information on sizing, as their previous iteration, the Camlin, tended to run pretty large. Regularly $100, these are knocked down to only $65, and a 15% off code (CREDIT33 - make that 20% off with a JCP credit card) puts them at a wildly-affordable $55.

And that's all, folks! Like I said, tune back in next week for some exciting new content, and in the meantime, enjoy the fall!

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