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Deals and Steals for the Weekend - 9/25/2014

The weekend nears (weird that I'm still excited about that, considering I don't have a 9-5 at the moment), and that means it's time for Deals and Steals! Here's our 'deal':

"Every weekend, check in on the blog for a collection of the best (read: my favorite) deals and steals on the interweb for some quality shopping over the weekend. Have any to add? Share them in the comments or shoot me an e-mail. Also, if you're biting on any of these hooks, I'd love to hear about it!"

I'm still pretty damn pumped about this fall weather that is slowly (but surely) heading our way, so here's another fall-centric list:

30% Off Fall Jackets at H&M (and free shipping with code 2288):
Editors Note: Damn, looks like the 30% off has ended already. Thanks to @mh1990 for pointing this out below. Looks like free shipping is still on through tomorrow, but can't grab that extra discount. Lamesauce!
Couldn't be happier about this sale, especially considering my H&M mention in last week's Deals and Steals. Remember how I said I'd be keeping a watch out for discounts to stack with the free shipping code I pointed out in that list? Well, here's that discount! It's not site-wide or anything, but there are some great fall outerwear options included - even that same blue baseball jacket has been marked down to $42 from $60. I went ahead and selected two new picks for this week, as well. First up is this blue canvas parka, regularly $50, now $35:
Canvas Parka | H&M
I've mentioned that my personal style has slowly been shifting from sharply tailored to a bit more rugged and casual (in part as I transfer out of a law firm work-place). As I've been making that shift, I've been digging the rustic look of a canvas parka more and more - and the best part is it won't look half bad over a blazer, either.

I also think this duffel coat in a rich burgundy color is fantastic:
Duffel Coat | H&M
I love the duffel style and the great color, but what's especially cool here is the way they've adapted the coat for fall, rather than winter. I have a great Gloverall wool duffel that I wear all winter, but is heavy, wool, and definitely too much for these transitional months. This coat, on the the other hand, is made out of a cotton canvas fabric, which a) makes it much more fall-appropriate - ready for rain, not snow, and b) let's them keep the price down to $70 - actually, now below $50 with the discount.

Just act fast, as the free shipping code is only good through 9/27.

Extra 30% Off Final Sale Items at J.Crew (code PICKASALE):
Man, J.Crew manages to make it onto this list almost every week, and I'm not complaining. However, to shake things up a bit this time around, I turned my focus away from their main line and took my picks from their higher Wallace & Barnes line, or their co-branded 'In Good Company' items. From Wallace & Barnes, the first thing that stood out was this shawl-collar cardigan:
Wallace & Barnes Indigo Shawl-Collar Cardigan | J.Crew
You already know I love shawl collars, so this shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. That said, I usually stick to solid colors, as I think that patterns like stripes, etc., make the look too casual (and I love throwing a shawl-collar cardigan over an OCBD with a tie for a cozy dapper look). This one, however, manages to inject some 'fun' with the color block front, but stays sharp enough for my tastes. Like most good things, originally expensive at $150, but knocked down to just over $90 with the discount.

Also from Wallace & Barnes, I'm digging this take on the bomber jacket - it's like an higher-quality, but maybe more casual version of the cheaper options from brands like H&M:
Wallace & Barnes Colorblock Bomber Jacket | J.Crew
I dig the subtler color-blocking, the faded blue tones, the grey trimming, and the fact that it just looks cozy. If this was in my closet, it'd probably be my first grab for any of your standard-fare outdoor fall events - from tailgating to a cookout to a stroll in the park. Regularly a whopping $188, now a more manageable $112.

Not into the fall colors, or just want something brighter? Turning even farther from J.Crew's main line, this jacket by Penfield (in the 'In Good Company' collection) might just hit the spot:
Gibson Jacket | Penfield for J.Crew
The water-resistant Gibson jacket by Penfield is often highly sought after, and (if I'm not mistaken) often hard to find below full price, so this is a great chance to grab it in a vibrant yellow for a solid discount (down to $98 from $150).

New Arrivals at Uniqlo:
Not a proper sale, per se, but I told y'all I was excited for fall arrivals from the always-affordable Uniqlo, and they've recently added some duds that have made it onto my wishlist. First up, it's the first appearance of their seasonal tweed blazers! And damn, do they have some sharp personal favorite is this blue window-pane:
Tweed Slim Fit Jacket | Uniqlo
Sure, it's bold, but it's a casual blazer anyway, so you have more room to get funky. I'd rock this, for sure, and rock it hard. The only downside is that the material is not 100% wool, but it's so damn affordable they might just get a pass on that one. Currently full-priced at just under $100, and also available in a grey window-pane, as well as a few more neutral solids.

Scrolling down to the knits, I'm not surprised to see tons of great sweaters coming into play. I'm sure I'll grab a few of the insanely-affordable lamsbwool cardigans, or the very popular merino v-necks, but this cable-knit is the one I've got my eye on now:

Heavy Gauge Cable Crew Neck Sweater | Uniqlo
This may just be my memory failing me (call me out if I'm wrong), but I don't recall seeing these cable-knit and patterned options last year, so I'm especially happy to see them show up here. Love how cozy this looks, especially in the marled blue color. Even at a full price of $40, it's a hell of a bargain.

Lastly, I've had my eye on a Uniqlo wool chesterfield top coat to get me through the winter for a couple of years. Every year, though, either they don't have the coat when I'm looking, or they're sold out in my size/color, or something, so I'm really trying to jump on that train fast this year. However, Uniqlo has made a few changes - both of which I dig. First, they are finally offering it in a camel color:
Wool Cashmere Chesterfield Coat | Uniqlo
Now, again, I may just not remember ever seeing a camel color, but I'm pretty sure this is a first, and I love it. Not in-your-face by any means, it's still a step away from your standard grays and blacks and will help you stand out in style. Second, they added a cashmere blend to their wool fabric, which, sure enough, raised the prices marginally. That said, $150 for a cashmere/wool top coat? Still a damn steal. And that cashmere is only going to make the coat more comfortable and warmer.

All right, we're calling it quits after that one, before I'm tempted to spend all the money I have set aside for rent and bills! Have a great weekend, and happy shopping.

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