Here at Wide Eyes, Tight Wallets, we are always looking for ways to improve the site. Like many things in this world, a lot of these upgrades ain't free, and while we do get some income from the advertisements on our site and through our affiliate links, our visions tend to be a step ahead of our budget (kinda like our eyes being too big for our wallets)!

If you like what we do here, and want to see more, your support would be much appreciated! You can use the following link to contribute as much or as little as you'd like to our ongoing operation.

All money made from donations will be put entirely back into the operation and development of this blog (no running off on Caribbean vacations or paying for my rent and groceries). For some ideas of how we might benefit from you contributions, check out some of the plans marinating in a our brain-grapes:

For the future...
  • Improved site design - our site is incredibly basic right now, and we have some ideas to make it really shine! The first step is to get off of blogger and move to a more customizable platform like WordPress.
  • More content, more often - at some point, we hope to make this venture our full-time occupation, with new content on a daily basis. Support from you means less support needed from our day-jobs!
  • Side projects - Wide Eyes, Tight Wallets, is only the beginning. If you like what we do on this site, we have a lot more in mind. With additional funding, we will be able to explore new projects (we even have something in mind for the ladies). Video blog? We've got one in the works!
  • Professional photography - we do our best with what we have, but we still lose a lot in translation that a trained photographer would be able to more beautifully present the work we do.
  • Expand the team - on that note, we'd love to add to our small crew, both on the back-end with an in-house designer and photographer, but also on the editorial side in order to bring some fresh viewpoints.

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