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One of the perks of being a menswear shopper is I get to shop like it's my job (which it almost is). As a result, I've gotten a decent collection of 'referral codes (or links)' that I can share with you folks. Sure, I tend to get some reward for accounts and purchases made with through my referrals, but just as good is the discount you can get on your first purchases.

I've spent hours souring the web for a good referral code before signing up or buying from these types of brands and companies, so I figured I'd save you all the trouble by compiling as many as I can right here for you. I'll keep adding any I come across, feel free to add your own in the comments!

Bonobos - $25 off your first $75+ purchase (

Beckett Simonon - $25 off your first purchase (

Everlane - Can't quite figure out what the draw is here, but they did give me this link (

Frank and Oak - $25.00 credit for signing up (

Gilt - $25.00 credit for signing up (

Gustin Denim - $5.00 off your first purchase of $80.00 or more (

HauteLook - Not positive, but I believe you get $10.00 for signing up (

HowAboutWe - $50 off your first date (

Modern Tailor - $20.00 off your first purchase (

MyHabitCan't quite figure out what the draw is here, but they did give me this link (

Uber - Use referral code zg490 and get one free ride.

So go ahead, help us both out, make a new purchase!

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  1. You guys should post these on It would increase the amount of people who see it and the amount of people who may use it.