Tuesday, November 26, 2013

5 Menswear Staples To Be Thankful For This Holiday

This post was originally going to fall in the regular M-W-F schedule and go up tomorrow, but it's a great list of Thanksgiving gear and I wanted to get it to all of you in time to actually put it to use! Also, I'll be driving alllll day tomorrow (hopefully not through a snowstorm, but probably). 

This is a guest post from the brothers behind The Sharp Suit, Matthew and Steven McConnell.  They focus on helping guys express their personal style through their site’s blog and their menswear product, the wooden pocket square.  They would love to hear from you on Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest; any feedback is always welcome! Keep an eye out for my own guest post up on their site in the upcoming month or so (I'll keep you updated). 

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving, eat lots of turkey, and try not to spill any on your fresh duds. Alright, over to Matthew and Steven:

You hear it every year – Thanksgiving is about spending time with family and enjoying great food.  While that’s certainly true, some guys might have other reasons they want their 2013 Thanksgiving to be memorable.  Perhaps it’s their first Turkey Day with the in-laws, or maybe they’ll be celebrating Friends-giving and want to impress that girl they know will be there, too.  Whatever the reason, The Sharp Suit understands and we want to help.  Below are 5 menswear staples that would be a stylish addition to any great Thanksgiving outfit.

The Sweater:
Sweaters are great Thanksgiving staples for 2 reasons: 1) they’re warm, and 2) they come in an unlimited variety of colors, patterns, and materials.  And you definitely don’t have to spend a fortune on something cashmere to keep warm and make a style statement.  A light zip-up adds style without making you too warm indoors, while a chunkier button-up works perfectly in colder climates.  Sweaters are extremely versatile and easy to pair with jeans, chinos, and even the next item on the list.  This V-neck merino wool sweater from J.Crew Factory comes in at $42.50.

Merino V-Neck Sweater | J.Crew Factory

The Corduroy:
Tired of wearing the same old jeans or khakis to Thanksgiving dinner?  Change up this year’s outfit by swapping in some corduroys.   The unique texture floats above the standard looks you’ll find in an ocean of jeans and chinos.  Available in a variety of autumn colors, some brands of these pants even have a slight stretch (which you’ll appreciate after an evening of devouring turkey and potatoes).  The straight fit cords from Gap are on sale for only $29.

1969 Five-Pocket Cord (Straight Fit) | Gap
The Boot:
Just like sweaters and corduroys, boots come in a seemingly unlimited variety of textures and colors, making them an easy addition to any outfit.  Some guys might prefer the chukka over a leather boot, but each option says the same thing: I know a little something about Thanksgiving style. These suede Michael Shannon chukkas from Off Broadway are a steal at $35.  Steven has been wearing these exact shoes this fall and they have easily become his go-to footwear choice (sorry, canvas sneakers).
Asheville Chukka | Michael Shannon via Off Broadway
If you wanted to customize your boots a bit, just swap out the standard laces for some fall-colored ones and show off just how sharply dressed you can be.  The Tie Bar has a great deal on colored laces at 5 pairs for $12. 

The Watch:
Sure, everyone nowadays carries a cell phone in their pocket.  So what’s the point of wearing a watch when your phone tells time?  Many guys simply wear a watch for the aesthetic benefits.  If you think a watch makes sense for your Thanksgiving outfit, look for something simple with a leather band.  The leather is definitely an autumn texture and will tie together all your holiday attire elements.  Although watches tend to be one of the more pricey elements of an outfit, this Timex watch is slightly more reasonable at $65.
Easy Reader | Timex via Nordstrom

The Socks:
Socks are the easiest way to add your personality to any outfit without being too showy or over the top.  A nice pop of color peeking out from under your boots is a great style touch.  Urban Outfitters has some socks that are both comfortable and durable for $8 each or 3 pairs for $20.  But the beautiful thing about socks is that they can be as crazy and fun as you want them to be.  Since they’re often covered by pant legs they won’t detract from your overall holiday attire.  But entertaining turkey or football-themed socks can go a long way towards showing off a little of your personal style.

Classic Nep Sock | Urban Outfitters

Granted, Thanksgiving is right around the corner so you might not be able to add all these elements to your wardrobe in time for Thursday.  However, we at The Sharp Suit (and Wide Eyes, Tight Wallets!) believe it’s important for every guy to discover his own personal style.  And we believe our humble suggestions above provide easy additions that any guy can include in a Thanksgiving outfit that will bring a little extra touch of style to their celebration of the holiday.

We hope that everyone has a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

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