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Deals and Steals for the Weekend - 1/3/2014

First, the spiel: "Every weekend, check in on the blog for a collection of the best (read: my favorite) deals and steals on the interweb for some quality shopping over the weekend. Have any to add? Share them in the comments or shoot me an e-mail. Also, if you're biting on any of these hooks, I'd love to hear about it!"

Before I get into it, once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! 2013 was a blast (hey, I launched Wide Eyes, Tight Wallets, so you know it was a good one) and I'm seeing even greater things to come in 2014. OK, since your wallet might be hurting after a little uninhibited NYE spending, here are this week's deals and steals:

Up to 70% Off at ASOS:
ASOS is one of those perfect places to try out new trends, as they tend to have pretty fashion forward styles at very affordable prices to begin with. Add onto that 70% off and you'll be walking away with some snazzy duds for practically pennies. While tons of brands are stocked, I usually find the best deals from their house brand. For example, have you been looking to dip your toes into the wonderful world of plaid suiting? This blazer, regularly $155, can be snagged for just $78:
Slim Fit Suit in Brown Check | ASOS
With the trousers clocking in right around $35, you can get the whole suit for just over $110, which is about as good of a deal as you will find. Granted, these things are mostly polyester, but if you're experimenting and not ready to fork over big bucks for quality on something you might not even like, this is a good way to experiment. Also, if you do some digging, you can find some ASOS suiting with higher quality materials for a bit of a price increase.

ASOS is also great for closet staples like tees, socks, underwear, you name it. Again, these will start cheap, and with the sale running, go for practically nothing. I just bought one of these scoop-neck tees for less than $5.
Scoop Neck T-Shirt | ASOS
Mint green is one of my go-to spring colors, so I know I'll get plenty of use out of this when it starts to warm up. Extra bonus, ASOS offers free shipping and free returns, so I bought just this T-shirt and didn't even notice the divot in my checking account.

This is practically the exact same sale. Topman, like ASOS, offers very 'Euro,' fashion forward styles at relatively affordable prices, although sometimes sacrificing higher quality materials to provide a low price point (though a bit less so than ASOS). After you dig through some garish graphic tees, you can find hella nice bargains, like this lambswool-blend sweater that I just ordered for $20 (normally $80):
Textured Lambswool Rich Sweater | Topman

I'm all about sweaters in the winter, and I think the unique texture/weave on this one is a great mixture of casual and stylish. I'll definitely be layering up with this to take the dog to the park or for a night out playing pool.

Topman also has a bunch of jeans and trousers on sale, if you can find your size. Again thinking towards the warmer months, last year I was really looking for some inexpensive, light-wash jeans for sunny days when raw denim just doesn't seem right. These vintage slim jeans would fit the bill perfectly:
Light Wash Vintage Slim Jeans | Topman
Unfortunately, the sizing is very limited, so I'm gonna have to sit on these and pray someone returns a 30R...

Trashness Dress Shirts:
In all honesty, I have yet to try this brand out, but they popped up on my Instagram a few days ago and I'm pretty set on trying them out. They have this great-looking dress denim shirt with a spread collar (another piece I've been looking for), and while it isn't on sale, all their shirts are under $50.

Spread Collar Denim | Trashness
Plus free shipping worldwide?? It's a stingy menswear fiend's dream. A lot of the shirts come with pretty extreme cutaway collars that I don't think I'm quite down for, but there are enough options with this more subtle spread that are right up my alley.

I hadn't heard much about the brand, so I dug around for a few reviews. There's not a ton floating around the net, but what I read was pretty positive for the price. I specifically saw their OCBD's mentioned, and when I do make an order, I'll probably grab one of these as well.
OCBD White | Trashness
The review I read said these were thick but soft, which is perfect for a spring/fall shirt. Plus you can never have enough OCBD's in classic blue or white.

MR PORTER 50% Off Sale:
Sales at Mr. Porter are always a big deal. The discounts also tend to grow over time, and here's hoping this sale does the same, because even at 50% off, most items in the store are still out of my price range. However, there are definitely some affordable deals to be had. For one, I'm considering this thermal Henley from Billy Reid:

Thermal Waffle-Jersey Henley T-Shirt | Billy Reid via MR PORTER
It's clocking in at just under $50 (regularly $95), which definitely isn't cheap, but might be worth it. Not only will the burgundy color look great on it's own, I'd probably do exactly what they suggest in the item description and use this to layer up under a warm (but maybe itchy) sweater.

I also love to browse the accessories section during these sales and grab a pair of nice socks that would normally be way out of my price range. For example, $25 for a pair of socks, even Corgi socks, made from Egyptian Cotton, is a bit extreme for my tastes, but $12.50 on the other hand, is quite do-able.

Dog-Patterned Cotton-Blend Socks | Corgi via MR PORTER
There are many more classic patterns (stripes, solids, some flowers, etc.), but I'm a huge dog-lover and these are awesome. I'd rock 'em with pride (and my feet would thank me)!

Aaaand I'm gonna leave it at that this week. Shop away, share any more good deals here in the comments!

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