Thursday, February 13, 2014

Delaying Deals and Steals for Valentines Day

Sorry folks, Deals and Steals is getting delayed until after Valentine's Day. I've just been way too busy doing everything I can think of to spoil my darling girl tomorrow.

Also, screw shopping tomorrow! If you have a significant other (no matter what level of significance you are at), spend some time with them! Even if you think this is just a made-for-money Hallmark holiday, time spent with those you love is never a waste. It doesn't have to be a fancy, you don't have to treat it like any other day, but find a way to show you care.

There ya go, my sappy romantic spiel, cuz I'm a sappy romantic guy at heart!

Deals and Steals may be up for tomorrow, but in the meantime, a super quick note on Valentine's day. I mention at pretty much every holiday that I like to wear something special for the day. That does NOT mean I will be in all red everything tomorrow, for, like always, subtlety is the name of the game.

Instead, I'll be rocking these two items:

First, a pair of heart-adorned socks that I got last year for V-Day and are still (obviously) very appropriate. I like that they specifically aren't red, which keeps them from being too tacky or chintzy.

As worn last year...
Unfortunately, these Topman socks are no longer offered (I snagged them from Nordstrom for only $6, yes I'm bragging), but hey, you're probably too late anyway, haha. The point is, these are the perfect festive's almost something I'd wear year round (actually, heck, I do wear these year round), it's far from costumey, and it's subtle, as opposed to in-your-face and loud. It's something I, and those around me, will notice, but not much more. Classy.

Even better though, are these red Mapache Weejuns from G.H. Bass. They originally sent me a pair of these to style for a New Year's Eve post, but we got dumped on with snow, so there was no way in heck I was going out in these, regardless of how nice they look. Therefore, I'm even more excited to be bringing them out as it warms up a bit just in time for Valentine's Day, and I think they fit this occasion even better. These guys are still available, and are actually marked down to $80 from $130, so hey, there's a Deal/Steal in here anyway!

Red Mapache Weejuns | G.H. Bass
Again, I love that this is a style I will continue to wear year round, and not some clowny costume I'm wearing just for this day. I've written before, and mentioned over and over again, my principals when it comes to dressing for a holiday, and I stick to my own rules. These, on the other hand, follow the classic Weejun shape (which is close to second-to-none in the penny loafer world), but shake things up with a burnt red color. I'll be using these a lot to inject color into my outfits, especially as spring rolls around, but for now, they combine with the socks to make the perfect subtle Valentine's day statement.

Keep an eye on Instagram to see the two together, I think it will be a perfect combo (but you never know til you try it)! Of course, chime in with your thoughts (on IG, or below).

Also, I'd love to hear what your Valentine's day has in store (both for the festivities - or lack thereof - and for your outfit). I'd share my plans, but if my lovely lady reads this before her day of surprises begins, it'd spoil all the fun! So you tell me!!

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