Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Look at these awesome socks I snagged for the occasion! I really wanted to wear these out on our date over the weekend but I was a bit slow getting around to ordering them and they showed up one day late (of course). Ooooh well.

I’ll use this picture to illustrate two quick things:

First, I love holidays. Besides the inherent fun of whatever day you might be celebrating (today we get love, chocolate, love, flowers, love, fancy dates, and love), holidays also are a great excuse to put a little extra pizzazz in your outfit. Today I have these cool socks, on Christmas I wore red pants and a bright green tie, etc. In fact, I try to go out and get myself something not-too-expensive but fun as a treat every holiday.

Second, a tip for price-aware shoppers: Find stores that offer free shipping with no minimum and check their low-end sale items often. That’s how I found these socks! I love to shop online but hate to pay shipping costs, so every so often I cycle through stores that I know will ship for free. I’ll look for any specific items I am in need of, but mostly I just check the sale section and see what I can snag for a few bucks. I got these socks for $6.00, barely even noticed the damage to my wallet, and now I have something fun to wear for Valentine’s Day!

That’s it for today folks! Now go do a little dance, make a little love, and get down tonight!

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