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Deals and Steals for the Weekend - 3/14/2014

Do I need to keep saying this? Haha: "Every weekend, check in on the blog for a collection of the best (read: my favorite) deals and steals on the interweb for some quality shopping over the weekend. Have any to add? Share them in the comments or shoot me an e-mail. Also, if you're biting on any of these hooks, I'd love to hear about it!"

And this week's deals are:

MyHabit Flash Sales:
I'll be the first to admit that flash sale sites like MyHabit, HauteLook, and Gilt can be hit or miss. A lot of the selection tends to be kind of...wonky, for lack of a better word, return policies can be restrictive, and shipping times can be pretty delayed. That said, some of the best purchases I've made have been through these sites, and I consider them well worth keeping an eye on. MyHabit tends to be a favorite of mine, as they offer free shipping and process orders at a reasonable pace. I'm not sure if it's a standard return policy, but both of the sales listed below are returnable up to 14 days after recieving your order for a $3.99 return fee. Use my referral link and you might get hooked up with a discount (this policy tends to change back and forth, if I'm not mistaken). Here are my picks: 

Levi's Made & Crafted via MyHabit:
First up is Levi's Made & Crafted, one of Levi's premium lines that normally comes with an equally premium price point. The selection here isn't huge, but what they have is crazily affordable. While they are obviously known best for their jeans, my favorite piece is this long-sleeve Tee in a Breton stripe, knocked down from $125 to just $50:

Breton Long Sleeve Tee | Levi's Made & Crafted via MyHabit
The timing for this is actually pretty perfect, as The Style Blogger (one of my favorite menswear blogs), actually just featured a piece with a similar stripe in today's WIWT post (check out Towni here). As they mention, the pattern is perfect for spring, and I really like the red/white/blue colorway (plus, it'll be great for 4th of July). Also, you almost don't notice the pocket, which makes it the perfect kind of subtle detail that will set it apart. 

There is also a decent selection of trousers with similarly huge discounts, but alas, not much in the way of denim.

Gitman Brothers Vintage via MyHabit:
Next up is another high-end, highly desirable designer line, Gitman Brothers Vintage. These guys are known for their perfect shirts, which is exactly what they have to offer here. There's a smattering of stripes, checks, and gingham button-downs available, all in great spring colors - is it finally warming up where you are? I have my eye on this orange and white number, marked down to $70 from a whopping $175. 
Broad Cloth Graph Check Sport Shirt | Gitman Brothers Vintage via MyHabit
Sure, not cheap, but for what you get, it's a helluva deal. Again, perfect orange spring color, and the checked pattern will work casually as well as it will for a brighter office look.

Hugh & Crye Square-End Cotton Ties:
Not a sale, but a good deal nonetheless. Hugh & Crye is best known for their shirts, but they've been steadily building a whole line of great mens clothing and accessories. Ties have been offered for a while, but they just released a new line for the upcoming Spring/Summer season that's been getting a lot of great press (including from GQ), and for good reason. I like these things more and more each time I browse the collection - the patterns are kind of bold, and definitely visually interesting, but something about the colorways and scale keep them from being in-your-face. The best part, is each runs just $25, making them damn affordable. Here are my two favorites:

'Legend' 2" Square-End Tie in Black and White Mosaic Print | Hugh & Crye

'Nightfall' 2" Square-End Tie in Navy and White Dot Pattern | Hugh & Crye
Even if these are a bit too casual for the office, they'll look fantastic under a cotton or linen blazer for summer cocktail parties, nights on the town, you name it. 

Clearance and Spring Sale at Dockers:
Dockers has a big Spring Sale going on with a bunch of their chinos on a good discount. I make my picks from the slim-fit section, but they have all four of their fits available. Granted, I've only tried their Alpha collection, but these Field Khaki's look real nice too:

Field Khaki in Slim Fit | Dockers
The $35 price point, down from $58, is a real bargain. The color is super versatile, and the flap coin pocket is a nice touch (again, it's the details that set a piece apart).

What's really crazy though, is the deals they have on their Alpha Khakis in their standard sale section, which are running at an unbelievable $19.00 a pair. The colors are mainly pretty bright and bold, so if you're looking for some go-to-hell pants, or even just something with a nice kick to it for the spring season, look no further. I even found this pair in a light blue that's actually pretty subtle, and would look really sharp paired with a lightweight navy blazer:

Alpha Khaki in Slim Fit | Dockers

Buy a Tie, Get a Free Pocket Square at Peter Field (code FREESQUARE):
Full disclosure: I recently started working for these guys as their Director of PR. It's a really exciting opportunity, largely because I think they make some awesome products and I'm really excited to help them move forward and continue to grow. Right now, they offer a line of custom ties (no more struggling to get the right length), as well as an assortment of double-sided pocket squares. For a limited time, you'll get that pocket square free with the purchase of a tie:

Like I said, their products are top notch, plus they are 100% made in America (actually, hand-made right here in Chicago), with fully customizable lengths and widths. Check them out! If you have any questions, give Nick (founder) a call, one of the most friendly guys I know.

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