Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Still Recovering - Back on Friday!

The lovely Christine in front of the lovely Colorado Rockies. 
As I mentioned in last week's post, we went on a brief hiatus as I was out of town on vacation and away from my computer for a couple days. We skied in Snowmass, partied in Aspen, shopped in Breckenridge, hiked the Flatirons and shot pool in Boulder. I'm back in Chicago now, but still working to catch up (and let my body recover from the rigors of learning how to ski/falling down a mountain), so we'll return full swing on Friday with a new edition of our weekly Deals and Steals. Meanwhile, take a look through the archives, check out our social media, chime in on a discussion, shoot me an e-mail and say 'hi'...whatever floats your boat!

The whole crew...huge thanks to Christine's family for bringing me along and teaching me the ropes!

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