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Deals and Steals for the Weekend - 3/28/2014

Quick note before we dive in, but can you believe it's already almost April??? Shit's cray.

"Every weekend, check in on the blog for a collection of the best (read: my favorite) deals and steals on the interweb for some quality shopping over the weekend. Have any to add? Share them in the comments or shoot me an e-mail. Also, if you're biting on any of these hooks, I'd love to hear about it!"

Got a nice, well-rounded list this week...a healthy mix of things I've bought and loved, and ones I'm dying to try - all at great prices, of course:

30% Off at G.H. Bass (code FRIENDS30):
First up is a selection of penny loafers from the folks who started it all. The Bass Weejun is widely acknowledged as the original penny loafer, a style that has become synonymous with American prep and can be seen everywhere still today. They're one of my favorite shoes, balancing dress and casual, adding a classic timelessness, and staying remarkably affordable, even at list price. Lucky for us, we don't even have to pay that! This pair, in a tan nubuck, might just become my go-to spring shoe, if I get my hands on a pair:
Nubuck Weejuns in Tan | G.H. Bass
Starting at $128, the discount drops these to just under $90, which is a helluva good price for such a solid yet stylish option. I'd wear these with pretty much everything. Although the lighter suede leans a bit more casual, I still think these would look sharp paired with a light grey summer suit.

Next up is a bit more formal, polished option in 'cherry' (read: burgundy or oxblood):
Rencrist Weejuns in Cherry | G.H. Bass
These bad boys are already on sale, so the discount takes them all the way down to $63! I have a pair just like these (if not the same shoe), and they are a workhorse in the office. In fact, I kept a pair in my desk all winter long. Any day I'd wear my Bean Boots through the snow (more often than not), I'd swap them out as soon as I got into work, and voila, looking like a pro. Great color, great shine, all business when you need them to be, but pop them on with some chinos and no socks in the summer for a carefree - but still polished - vibe.

Promotional Pricing at UNIQLO:
How I wish there was a Uniqlo in Chicago. I have a few pieces from them and love every one of them, but ended up in a few different sizes. In general though, you can count on them for high quality while mega-affordable basics, and I also love their lightweight summer blazers (again, mega-affordable). Got a few different options this time around though. First up are two shirts:
White Oxford Slim Fit Long Sleeve Shirt                 Uniqlo                      Slim Fit Print Long Sleeve Shirt      

On the one hand, their OCBD's can't really be beat. And they are on sale for under $20. I have one, and need to get more. Badly. On the other hand, where a white OCBD was a safe choice, you can test the waters of the printed-shirt trend and a true steal of a price with this navy pin-dot shirt. So very 'in' and so very inexpensive at just $13.

Next, another double for you, this time with some uber-cheap neckwear:

Wool Blend Tie                          Uniqlo                                 Knit Tie                  
Truth be told, these aren't anything hugely special. The wool tie is a blend, with a decent percentage of acrylic, while the knit tie is 100% acrylic. However, I've seen these in stores, and they look much nicer than they sound. PLUS, holy hell they only cost $4 a piece. So. What do you have to lose? Four bucks I guess...

Bonobos Sale Section:
OK, so they had a code-sale going on Thursday that dropped these prices even farther, but they are still a great deal without the code. Just don't kill me if they finagled with the pricing since I wrote this up! We've done tons of Bonobos before, but I'm shaking it up a bit this time with two adaptations of their classic chinos. First is this chino blazer - yup, same fabric, but in a jacket:

The Washed Chino Blazer | Bonobos
OCotton blazers are one of my favorite things about spring/summer. The one I have from Uniqlo gets worn way to often, so I'm on the hunt for a second one to add to the collection, and this might just fit the bill. It's unlined, unconstructed, and only $78 (originally $198). OK, so they're calling this one 'denim,' but it looks like that just refers to the color, as they list the fabric as indeed chino.

Next, they took their great fitting chinos and, boom. That's right, they made jeans:

Bottle Rockets in Overdye Indigo Dark Wash | Bonobos
I haven't tried a pair yet, but the reactions seem to be pretty darn good, plus you already know the fit will be perfect. One review says the weft and stitching are grey, and that it lends to a dressier look, so there's that as well. Marked down to $58 from $145.

Hugh & Crye at
Last up, some dapper duds from the Hugh & Crye folks, on sale at Gilt. I've been eyeing up Hugh & Crye for a long time, but haven't been able to get myself to bite, usually because the prices were juuuust out of my reach. This sale brings them down to an attainable level, for sure. My first pick is one of their shirts, which are what they cut their teeth and built their name on:
Santorini Wine Region Dress Shirt | Hugh & Crye via Gilt
This one, down to $49 from $85, is in a light blue gingham, which is just about the most perfect shirt pattern for spring. Gingham itself is always a good spring option, and opting for the lighter shade rather than the more common navy is a great seasonal choice. Use their alternative sizing method to find the perfect fit for an added bonus.

We'll close it out with one of their wool blazers, which have been getting a lot of hot press as well:
Wool Sport Coat | Hugh & Crye via Gilt
Looks like this is one of their McComb blazers, which are fully lined, so it might not get a ton of use in the hotter months, but it will fit right in next fall (and you should be able to get some decent use in before it heats up). Original price is $245, knocked down to just $129. I dig the plaid, but if you want something a bit more tame, it looks like they have some solid options as well.

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