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Deals and Steals for the Weekend - 4/11/2014

Before we get started, check this out: Cool Material has been one of my favorite sites since waaay before I could begin to call myself stylish. Most of the feed is just what it sounds like, with featurettes on just cool stuff (just check it out, everything is awesome, and I want it). They also have an ongoing series called 'Wear This,' where menswear bloggers and industry insiders put together curated outfit recommendations. I had the pleasure of drafting up my own, and it was published today! Check it out here, and add Cool Material to your list.

OK, you know what's coming next:
"Every weekend, check in on the blog for a collection of the best (read: my favorite) deals and steals on the interweb for some quality shopping over the weekend. Have any to add? Share them in the comments or shoot me an e-mail. Also, if you're biting on any of these hooks, I'd love to hear about it!"

So, I don't know how much you all liked last week's list, which was focused pretty heavily on J.Crew, but I'm gonna do it again. Similarly to the J.Crew sale (still going on here), Club Monaco is offering an extra 50% off their sale items, and just like J.Crew, there was way too much inexpensive awesomeness to limit to the normal two picks. Thus, a Club Monaco focused list it is:

Extra 50% Off off Clearance (code SPRING50):
Alright, this sale might be even better than last week's J.Crew one, because some of this stuff is unbelievably cheap. Proof: These classy khaki shorts, just $10 (originally $60):
10 1/2" Lemon Maddox Short | Club Monaco
With a 10 1/2" inseam, this will hit just an inch or two above the knee, which is just short enough to look grown-up without showing too much leg. Just like your chinos, a khaki color is about as versatile as it gets, making these a ridiculously good value.

Go up just a few bucks and you can score some lightweight slim chinos for just $15 (originally $70):
Lightweight Davis Chino | Club Monaco
Most of the other chinos in the sale section are in absurdly bright colors, but luckily these are much more neutral. I'm a big fan of this burgundy shade, which I picked out last year as a fall color, but will still serve you well through the year. The 'Blue Moon' color adds a bit more spring-timey brightness without going all dayglow on you.

There are a decent number of option for shirts as well, most hovering around the $30 mark (post-discount). The list includes some nice crew-necks and dressier button-ups, but this casual work shirt is what really caught my eye:
Slim-Fit Checked Workshirt | Club Monaco
I didn't even think about it until I saw this, but I've found a bunch of options to brighten up my more formal dress shirts for the spring and summer, but I haven't paid much attention to my casual button-ups. At just $20, knocked down from $90, this is a solid and cheap pick.

Don't be afraid to look a little higher up the price line, too, as there are some blazers that are definitely worth checking out. There's this jacket, in a brown and white stripe that's neutral, and will match with almost anything, but is still definitely unique:
Grant Corded Stripe Jacket | Club Monaco
Originally not cheap at $330, the discount brings this down to a Uniqlo-cheap price of just $80. Hot damn. 

They've also got this option, which they're calling a suit blazer. I'm not 100% sure what they mean by the 'suit' part...maybe there are matching pants? Regardless, it will make a fantastic summer sport coat on it's own:
Grant Poplin Suit Blazer | Club Monaco
It's made from a lightweight poplin and looks to only be partially lined, which will help you stay cool when the weather heats up this summer. It does cost a bit more than the previous pick, but it's still very affordable at $115 (also originally $330).

I'll leave it at that for CM, but definitely check out the rest of the selection, there's a ton there.

On top of Club Monaco, I found two more deals that I gotta share:

Last Chance for Discounted Pre-Orders from Beckett Simonon:
Beckett Simonon has made the list before for their full-price shoes, which are unusually affordable for their high quality to begin with. This spring, they are releasing a new batch of styles, and for just a few more days (until April 15th, I believe), you can pre-order the new options at a discount (up to 30% off - plus get $25 credit with our referral link). There's not a bad looking shoe in the batch, in my opinion, but I'm on the hunt for some warm-weather loafers, like these suede, tasseled bad boys:
Blake-Constructed Venza Slippers | Beckett Simonon
Love the rich chocolate suede, love the sleek, slipper-like silhouette, love the $114 price (originally $140).

The suede guys are admittedly a bit fashion forward, but Beckett Simonon also has these penny loafers in a more traditional style and color:
Goodyear-Welted Cohen Loafers | Beckett Simonon
I really like the shape on these. It's sleek enough to be a summer shoe, but not pointy or 'dainty.' These also clock in at $115, down from $140. They've also got some nice-looking monkstraps and a couple of chunk-soled options worth checking out.

Early Access to the Bonobos Spring Sale:
I'm ending things with two pretty safe picks from the Bonobos sale (plus, get $25 off your first order with our referral link), . They always have some darn cheap chinos in their sale section, but the selection is often limited to some wilder colors, or unflattering cuts. I was pretty excited to see some more neutral, classic colors available in their stellar slim-straight cut:
Seanotes Slim Straight Chinos | Bonobos
This blue isn't as dark as your go-to navy, but it's very subdued, not in-your-face bright at all. I think it would make a great seasonal alternative to that navy, and at $48 (originally $88) it will barely set you back.

Also knocked down to an affordable $48, these brown chinos are actually something I've been looking for (on sale, of course), for a while now: 
Mochachinos in Slim Straight | Bonobos
These would have worked great all winter long, but they'll still come in very handy through the summer, grounding bright gingham shirts with a foundation of earthy neutrality. 

That's a wrap!

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