Thursday, April 24, 2014

Deals and Steals for the Weekend - 4/25/2014

Wooo the week is almost over, and you know what that means: time for Deals and Steals. This week, I'm re-visiting some pieces from older posts that have just now popped up at some better-than-usual prices:

30% Off Select Styles at J.Crew (code GOSHOP):
I think I've said this before, but it seems like J.Crew is running a perpetual sale, and they just filter in and out the items that the discount is applied to. 99% of the time, this means that they exclude anything from their Ludlow collection (which stinks, because their Ludlow suits are pretty darn sharp but very darn expensive). This time around, that rule doesn't seem to be least not for this incredibly tempting unstructured cotton blazer that I was eyeing up in a post about two weeks back:
Ludlow Sport Coat in Mini-Houndstooth Cotton | J.Crew
Honestly, the regular price of $188 ain't too bad for a J.Crew blazer, but the 30% discount takes it down to barely over $130, which is like, Frank and Oak prices. I was just given an almost identical jacket as a gift, or this would be on the way to my house right now.

While at J.Crew, check out the rest of the sale - like I said, items seem to be coming and going so it's worth a browse, even if you've looked recently. Previous discounts have been limited to already-marked-down merchandise, but this one branches out, so be sure to check the full-price listings as well. For yet another item that I would buy now if I hadn't just gotten something similar, check out these 'striped' linen trousers:
Bowery Slim in Navy Stripe Irish Linen | J.Crew
The stripe really looks to be super-fine, maybe even a textural thing? Like a whipcord? Anyway, from the looks of it, they appear pretty much solid, making these a great summer alternative for your standard navy chinos. Marked down to $70 (originally $100), they aren't cheap, but don't expect to find good-quality linen trousers for much less.

Spring Sale at Frank & Oak (plus $25 off with our referral link):
Sales only pop up at Frank & Oak every so often, but when they do, they tend to last a while and have increasingly well discounted items. This one is already well underway, and as I was browsing through, this varsity jacket immediately popped out at me:

French Terry Varsity Zip-Up | Frank & Oak
Remember last week's piece on testing new trends? This would have made a perfect selection to go with my black/white ensemble, and the reduced price of $42 plops it well into that sweet spot of cheap enough to not be a huge risk. Plus, even if Frank & Oak are hit or miss at times, I'll be willing to bet this is better quality than the Forever 21 number I picked out before - bonus.

Like I said, sales at Frank and Oak tend to get better the longer they last, and this one is no exception. I just got an e-mail in the past day or so announcing further reductions on shirts, and they have a few marked down to only $20 - over half off and cheaper than even Target! There's a nice variety available, and my recommendation goes to this blue plaid shirt:
New Haven Plaid Shirt | Frank & Oak
If you're looking to transition your fall and winter plaid styles into a more spring/summer friendly outlet, this shirt is the way to go. The colors are very spring-timey, with light blues and greens, but doesn't take the full dive into over-saturated madras (though I do love me a good madras shirt).

Feel free to use our referral link for an extra $25 off if this is your first Frank & Oak order.

New Arrivals at the Knottery:
Ok, this one is admittedly a bit of a stretch to pull from an old blog post, but I did mention The Knottery back in my post on rainy-day essentials. At that point, I was highlighting their bright knit ties as a way to fight the spring doldrums, but now I'm coming back to them as they release a new handful of options specifically for the summer season. I'll go ahead and give credit to Valet for pointing out these awesome new pieces made from Japanese cotton:
Indigo Stripe Tie | The Knottery
Indigo-dyed Japanese cotton is huge these days, and the attention is well deserved, because it's a fantastic-looking fabric. Lot's of character, bright but not bold, deep and rich...what's not to love? Ok, so the normal prices on this stuff are probably not to love. These ties, however, remain solidly affordable in standard Knottery fashion, clocking in at just $35.

They've also added some 'summer knit' ties, which are more loosely woven. I don't necessarily think the weave is more summery as much as it is just an alternative style (Lands End, I believe, makes loose-knit ties year round), but I still love the look.
Solid Silk Summer Knit Tie | The Knottery
I'm a navy/blue addict, so I would grab this one, although there are a few other colors and patterns available. Again, these are marked at $35, a great price for a 100% silk tie of this caliber.

SuitSupply at Huckberry:
Alrighty, we'll close it out with a quick peek at SuitSupply on sale. This like, never happens. Yeah, they had their 'Outlet' with some crazy markdowns last fall, but that was pretty short-lived and there has been less and less word about it coming back. Point is, you can imagine my excitement when I saw just a few SuitSupply suits hanging out in 'The Wedding Shop of Camp Huckberry USA.' There look to be only three options available, but they are smart picks - summer fabrics and staple colors (SuitSupply is kind of known for their more fashion-forward fabrics, so it's nice that the limited selection isn't too out there). Of the three, I love this blue cotton suit:

Copenhagen Suit in Blue | SuitSupply via Huckberry
It's cut in their Copenhagen fit, which they describe as their slimmest fit, which is perfect for a scrawny guy like me. I also love the way that a slim, tailored cut plays with the more relaxed, unstructured construction for a balance that can be dressed up or down as needed - versatility is the name of the game, as always. Best part, Huckberry knocked about $70 off of each option, with this one coming to just under $400 after the discount. Snag em while you can.

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