Monday, August 25, 2014

A Big Update (And A Sharp Product Shout-Out)

Well, I had fully planned on having a brand spankin’ new outfit post published today, but the weather has not been cooperating with my shooting schedule. After a day of rain, we had to put a pin in this one, so I’m just going to share some excited WETW news instead!

You may have seen me mention pretty frequently over the past few weeks all of the traveling I’ve been doing, along with some teases of ‘big changes to come.’ This week, all that traveling is going to finally play out into those big changes:

Wide Eyes, Tight Wallets is moving to New York!

Thus far, this blog has been a side project as I pursue a career transition from Legal Support (which has…) into a full-time career in the men’s apparel industry. Earlier this month, I had some awesome opportunities come up that really hammered home the notion that Chicago isn’t the place to jumpstart a fashion-centered career. I love the city to death, but in order to be more ‘in the middle of it all’ we are finally uprooting ourselves and making the move back East.

Farewell, Chicago!!
I’m incredibly excited - not just to be closer to family and friends and my old stomping grounds (born and raised in central PA), but even more so to be in the midst of the NYC fashion scene and on deck for some great career moves. I’ve spent a lot of time in the Big Apple, but have yet to really get a chance to explore all it offers to the menswear world.

Anyway, two points to close with: First, is that (as with all moves), we are so busy and so stressed getting all our cards in place, so please forgive any irregularity in posting, etc., as we get settled into our new digs!

Second, I know a bunch of you readers, bloggers, industry pros, ‘influencers,’ and on and on are also NYC folks - if anyone has tips for moving, ‘must-see’ events and shops, meetups, interest in meetups, exciting opportunities, heck, just something to chat about, hit me up!

And just to keep things menswear related - how about this awesome new Sullivan line from Jack Erwin? 

Up until now, all their kicks (I believe) have been Blake welted, which is a bit sleeker but not as easy to resole and less waterproof. This new collection is all Goodyear welted (GYW), which is the opposite (a bit chunkier/more solid, and waterproof), and is my preferred welt (so, score for me)! 

Previously, brands like Beckett Simonon and JUSTAMENSHOE offered some other affordable GYW shoes, but got very mixed reviews when it came to construction and leather quality. I’m pumped to get the GYW and the quality/style that Jack Erwin is known for, all in one package (and a ~$200 package, at that), and I definitely have my eye on a pair for this fall. 

My only debate now, is do I grab some longwing bluchers... 
The Hubert Longwing Blucher | Jack Erwin
...which I’ll be able to wear pretty much year-round...

...or do I finally pick up that pair of dress boots...
Carter Wingtip Combat Boots | Jack Erwin

...that I’ve been dying to own? 

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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