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Deals and Steals for the Weekend - 8/22/2014

Man, it feels like it's been forever since we had a proper Deals and Steals post up! Been so. Damn. Busy. It's exhausting, but big moves in the works - I'll keep y'all posted! Meanwhile, here we go:

"Every weekend, check in on the blog for a collection of the best (read: my favorite) deals and steals on the interweb for some quality shopping over the weekend. Have any to add? Share them in the comments or shoot me an e-mail. Also, if you're biting on any of these hooks, I'd love to hear about it!"

This week, I honestly couldn't find that many sales - not sure if maybe brands are holding back in preparation to release some big Labor Day sales next weekend, but pickin's were a tad slim. However, what I did find is pretty damn good:

Extra 40% Off Final Sale Items at Bonobos (code BONVOYAGE):
Right off the bat, this is a crazy good sale, so we're going to keep our focus here for more than the standard two (or so) picks. Granted, the 'final sale' aspect is a bit of a bummer, especially since I love the Bonobos return policy so much. That said, if you know your sizes and your tastes, you can get some awesome deals. First pick in my book is some all-white seersucker:

Sea Island Seersucker Shirt | Bonobos
I'm all for the traditional blue and white striped seersucker, but getting a solid, crisp white seersucker shirt has an extra sharp edge to it, and will dress up much nicer. Also available in a navy blue (or that aforementioned standard stripe), all three styles are running just $28.80 after the discount (regularly $88). Dayum. 

Since it can be hard to stay sharp and tailored in the heat, here's another hot-weather pick that will easily take the place of your sharpest dress shirt:
Irish Linen Shirt | Bonobos
Linen can be tough to find in slim-fits, or in a tie-worthy spread collar, so this is a double-bonus in my book. A bit more expensive than the seersucker, but still very affordable at just around $41 (regularly $98). 

Sticking with summer picks, check out this Tee in a bright and sunny multi-color stripe:
Yarn Spun Tee | Bonobos

I picked up a few Bonobos Tees in another recent sale and was pretty impressed. Lightweight enough to be cool, but solid enough to feel well-constructed, and cut in a nice, flattering (but not tight) fit, and marked down from $38 to $15.

Moving on to pants (which is really what Bonobos is known for, after all), I had to throw in these olive chinos:
Palmetto Washed Chinos | Bonobos
At a discounted price of just $40.80 (from $88), there are actually some cheaper chinos to be found. However, most of those are brighter, less versatile colors, and I can't tell you how many people I've heard looking for some nice olive chinos. It's the perfect color, easily bridging both summer and fall styles. These also might be the first pants I've seen in the sale section cut in the 'Slim Tailored' fit (as opposed to 'Slim Straight'), which I hear is pretty close to J.Crew's 484 (and very flattering, as well). 

Ok, ok, I'll wrap it up with one more pick. Last on my list is a pair of Oxley's - quite possibly the most comfortable pants in the (affordable) world:
Oxleys | Bonobos
I have a pair in light blue that I love, but for my second-go-around I'd probably pick up some in white. The lightweight oxford-cloth fabric is inherently limited to warm-weather wear anyway, and I've recently gotten hooked on white trousers. If you prefer a different color, they have a pretty wide selection, all marked down from $98 to a mere $35.

Alright, check out the rest of the sale section, and if you plan to spend more than $75, use our referral link to score an extra $25 off.

Extra 20% Off Final Sale Items at York Street by J.Press (code ENJOYSUMMER):
Looks like an end of summer sale? Something along those lines. Anyway, a lot of already heavily discounted duds getting marked down even more. Normally, I love J.Press (and York Street) for their classically preppy attire, but the standouts to me this time are some decidedly vintage-y pieces. First up is this 'boating' henley:
Henley Boating Tee | York Street
I love the rounded edges on the collar, the sharp contrast with the blue piping - something about it is just dying to be worn to a baseball game, or a rooftop brunch. Plus, while a lot of York Street tees can be overpriced in my eyes (look at that $95 original price-tag), the discount leaves this one at a more reasonable $38.

Second, is this funky floral polo shirt that screams 70's summer to me:
Match Point Printed Polo | York Street
Funky might even be putting it mildly, but my eye keeps coming back to it! Pair it with some more neutral, solid bottoms (maybe even those white Oxleys above), and you've got a distinct and unique summer look - and at a tasty $25 (originally $125). 

Levi's Commuter Series On Sale at The Clymb:
I'm a huge fan of alternate forms of transportation (think green), especially biking, so I've always had my eye on Levi's commuter line - specifically designed with the biker in mind. Normally, items from the collection are pretty expensive, but via the outdoorsy flash-sale site, The Clymb, there's a lot that's well within my price range (and if you use our referral, you'll get an extra $10 off). Fans of the Levi's 511 fit should check out these green pants, marked down to $45 from $88:
Commuter Series 511 | Levi's via The Clymb
While it looks like they are cut from a chino fabric, the five-pocket styling is going to force these into a bit more casual territory, but that's ok - how often do you bike to a formal event? I love the green color, which will transition well from summer to fall.

Speaking of fall, it's time to start getting excited for layering and light outerwear, like this hooded trucker in olive:
Commuter Series Hooded Trucker | Levi's via The Clymb
Olive is such a versatile color, and looks great paired with dark blue denim. Again, the details are designed for the cyclist, with a longer tail to keep you dry while you're leaned over your handlebars, and reflective tape built in to make you more visible at night. Regularly almost $150, these are running just $70 (and also available in black).

And that's a wrap for today! Any of you find any other good deals around the web? Share in the comments!

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