Thursday, October 30, 2014

Deals and Steals for the Weekend - Unionmade Archive Edition

Howdy folks! Happy to be back with a new Deals and Steals after a few weekends without. That said, we're doing something a little bit different this time, and just focusing on one retailer (largely because their sale is so damn awesome).

Unionmade, one of the finest menswear stores in America (especially if you are in the market for high-ish end work-wear leaning duds), appears to have opened a special sale site for four days only, called 'The Archive.' And those sale prices? Up to 90% off. And we aren't talking lame, or even vageuly lame brands, but highly sought after names like Levi's Vintage Clothing or Gitman Vintage. So you can score some damn nice stuff for as little as a mere 1/10 of the regular price.

Below, we rounded up some of our favorites - now, the stock is rotating, things are selling out, and things are being added, so a) I apologize if any of my picks are sold out, but b) it's definitely worth taking a look through on your own (maybe even more than once) to make sure you don't miss any late additions.

Anyway, my picks (by brand):

New Balance:
Since starting my new job, I've been dressing mostly casual, which is a big change from my prior wardrobe. One of the biggest aspects that has me struggling is footwear, as I just don't have that many casual shoes. Therefore, I've been on the hunt for a variety of nice sneakers, and a pair from New Balance is high on my wishlist. Of the pairs currently available at Unionmade, these are my favorite:

US576ND1 Sneakers | New Balance via Unionmade
Honestly, I've just been a big fan of the black/white look lately (maybe throw some grey in the mix), so these are right up my alley. Regularly $140, these are going for $40, which I can safely say is the cheapest I have ever seen New Balance shoes run.

Gitman Vintage:
Tons of stuff here from the revered shirt makers (and obviously, most of the best picks are shirts (although I did see a tie in the mix as well). My pick here is this vintage madras:

1979 Vintage Madras | Gitman Vintage via Unionmade
Again, a huge discount as these regularly run $145, but are selling for just $45. Sure, madras is more of a spring/summer fabric, but it never hurts to stock up a season ahead!

Levi's Vintage Clothing:
One of Levi's higher-end lines, this stuff, obviously, has a vintage tinge to it (which I'm all about). You could go wild with a crazy-bold shirt like this, but my personal pick is a bit more muted:

White Bay 518's | Levi's Vintage Clothing via Unionmade
Perfect for someone who likes the idea of white denim, but doesn't want to commit to something so bright and stain-able. Regularly almost $200, but now just $45.

Gant Rugger:
A preppy favorite, I'm a big fan of all of the Gant lines, including Rugger. I'd love to take this chance to pick up one of their highly praised shirts, like this popover:

Twill Check Pullover | Gant Rugger via Unionmade
Depending on how heavy this ends up being, you could either rock this around the holidays for a bright, festive look, or throw it on with a pair of off-white jeans (like the ones above) in the spring or summer for something a bit more saturated that your standard warm-weather pastels. And at just $35 (down from $135), it won't break the bank.

We'll end on this one, which may be my favorite pick. I'm a huge proponent of layering vests in the winter - it's an easy way to make even a blazer into a cozy piece of outerwear (I did two winters in Chicago with no winter coat, just blazers and quilted vests). This may well be my next buy:

Mist Liner Vest | Filson via Unionmade
Filson has a stellar rep for outerwear, and this vest has the bonus of looking great by itself for the transition weather before it gets real cold. This one starts at $185, but is going for only $35.

And that's a wrap - happy shopping!

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