Monday, December 23, 2013

Get Your Eggnog Coat On!!

Ok, I'm gonna come right out and admit that this is a slack-off post, but I don't even feel bad about it because I'm curled up on the couch at my girlfriend's parents house and really enjoying my laziness, which is kinda what Christmas is all about, right? Sure!

Anyway, didn't wanna leave the blog hanging the whole week, so I'm at least giving you all a lil' sumpin sumpin for the holidays.

Esquire 'Nog
I've always loved eggnog, but will be the first to admit that sometimes that store-bought stuff can be a little sickly-sweet, even with a healthy dose of your preferred spirits. This year, over thanksgiving, we decided to make our own, and I'm really glad we did. The resulting beverage was much lighter and absolutely delicious, even with some tweaks we had to make due to missing ingredients (damn grocery stores, never open on the holidays...ok more like, damn my procrastination). I'll put it this way: no one in my family 'likes' eggnog, and our pitcher was gone in about 20 minutes.

We used this recipe from Esquire, which seems to be pretty standard to me. I actually first saw it in (I believe) the November magazine, which also mentioned some alcohol alternatives like sherry or tequila, which sounds weird as hell to me, but I love experimenting with food and beverages, so I'm going to have to try it out sometime. When we made this, we didn't have any rum or cognac, so we used Irish whiskey instead. It definitely lent to a sharper taste, as the rum does a lot to sweeten the nog, but it was still fantastic. Serve some up! And have a very merry Christmas!!

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