Friday, November 7, 2014

Deals and Steals for the Weekend - 11/8/2014

Here we go with your regularly-scheduled Deals and Steals for this lovely fall weekend.

"Every weekend, check in on the blog for a collection of the best (read: my favorite) deals and steals on the interweb for some quality shopping over the weekend. Have any to add? Share them in the comments or shoot me an e-mail. Also, if you're biting on any of these hooks, I'd love to hear about it!"

And this week's deals are...

25% Off Select Fall Styles and 30% Off Clearance at J.Crew (code GETWARM):
J.Crew has been running a pretty constant extra discount off their clearance goods, but the selection is always shifting, and this week they've got some newer, fall-centric items getting knocked down as well. From the clearance section, I spotted these camp pants, and they're already in my shopping cart:

Camp Pant | J.Crew
First, the color is perfect for fall - an almost military green, but just a shade brighter to keep things from getting too dull. Second, I love the patch pockets...just another small detail that sets these apart from your everyday chinos. Last, the price is damn hard to beat, with these coming in at just $24 (normally $100). Jump on em, just don't buy the last pair in my size!

Shifting over to the fall items, my first pick is this cotton fishtail parka:
Cotton Fishtail Parka | J.Crew
It's not going to get you through winter, but will make a great mid-weight jacket for the next month or two. The fishtail style is pretty popular these days, and often hard to find at an affordable price, so it's nice to see it here for just $163.50 (regularly $218).

Another piece of outerwear that caught my eye was this M-65 jacket from J.Crew's Wallace and Barnes line:
Wallace & Barnes M-65 Jacket | J.Crew
I just reviewed the classic Alpha Industries M-65 earlier this week, with the main complaint that the cut was way too large. This version, while more expensive, is sure to be much more slim-fitting and true-to-size (as well as warmer, thanks to the wool lining). The navy color is a nice touch, and the price is knocked down to about $275 from $368.

Last, I'll probably pick up one of these slim lambswool sweaters:
Slim Lambswool Sweater | J.Crew
I've found that you normally have to choose between a slim but lightweight merino sweater, or a warm but boxy lambswool option. Here comes J.Crew to save the day with a combo of the two - slim-fitting, warm lambswool, all wrapped up in one package. Comes in a huge range of colors, at just $52.50 a piece (originally $70).

Weekly Promotions from Uniqlo:
My picks here aren't anything crazy or out of the box, but fit perfectly with my go-to fall style this year: button-down shirts under crew-neck sweaters or sweatshirts. First, Uniqlo's slim OCBD's are an affordable go-to for many budget-conscious fellas, and this week they've been tossed into the sale section:
Oxford Slim Fit Long Sleeve Shirt | Uniqlo
Regularly $30, you can now grab them for a mere $20. Personally, I'm looking at the more saturated colors, like the navy shown above - I think it's a nice seasonal change from the more washed out light blues, greys, and whites.

For the crew-neck, I'm thinking of picking up a grey number from their Pure Blue Japan project:

Pure Blue Japan Sweatshirt | Unqlo
Granted, it's not on sale, and it looks like a pretty standard option, nothing exciting. That said, $40 is far from expensive, and it's got all the details I want: raglan sleeves, off-color accent stitching, and a reinforced V at the neck.

Now, if you want something a bit more interesting (and conveniently, on sale), check out their artsy SPRZ collection. Lots of bold prints and patterns, but my choice is this fella:
SPRZ NY Graphic Sweat (Jean-Michel Basquiat) | Uniqlo
The Basquiat crown is a cool touch, but not too in-your-face or try-hard, and the military green is on-point for the season. Regularly $30, now insanely affordable at just $15.

20% Off Merino Sweaters at Bonobos (code PRIMOMERINO):
In all transparency, yes, I do now work for Bonobos, but if you've been following the blog or my Instagram for long, you'll know I've long been a fan of their merino sweaters. I usually pick one up whenever they land in the sale section, but this discount code sends some of their newer, full-priced options into affordable territory. This season, I'm particular to crew-necks, like this one in charcoal:
Yorkshire Merino Crew Neck | Bonobos
Super easy to match, incredibly soft and comfortable, and marked down to $78 from just under $100.

If you've got some extra bills and want something a little outside the box, try their 'Boston Waler':
Boston Waler | Bonobos
Where most merino sweaters are pretty lightweight, this pick is a bit chunkier. Plus, subtle details like the chest pocket and asymetrical collar will help your layering game stand out from the crown. Regularly $138, the discount puts these at just over $110 each.

Lots of picks to keep you warm as it keeps getting colder! Any other good fall-weather finds out there? Share in the comments, and happy shopping!

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