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Deals and Steals for the Weekend - 5/24/2014

Holy cow, got behind for this week's Deals and Steals - but it's a long weekend so, you still have plenty of time to get your shopping in! So here we go:

"Every weekend, check in on the blog for a collection of the best (read: my favorite) deals and steals on the interweb for some quality shopping over the weekend. Have any to add? Share them in the comments or shoot me an e-mail. Also, if you're biting on any of these hooks, I'd love to hear about it!"

And for the deals - this is gonna be one of those weeks where we really focus on one retailer, cuz they have a killer sale going on:

30% Off Sale Items and 50% Off Clearance Items at Club Monaco:
The real killer deal here is of course the 50% off option for items specifically in the clearance section. One word of caution, these are all final sale, so make sure you're confident in your sizing choices before you purchase. My first pick is this plaid shirt, in bright madras-y colors, button-down collar and slim fit:
Slim-Fit Owen Plaid Shirt | Club Monaco
Madras is a staple in most stylish gents summer wardrobes, and for a good reason. It's comfortable as heck, and although the colors are characteristically bold, the fabric somehow never seems too garish or in-your-face. At $35 after the discount (regularly $80), the price is hard to beat.

This one is way off-season, but I've often talked up the versatility of a layering vest through the cooler seasons. Normally, I reach for my J.Crew Factory vest, but their colors are pretty limited, and this option from Club Monaco would be a nice way to inject some color into a winter outfit:
Hacking Vest | Club Monaco
Normally $150, the quality is sure to be a step up from JCF as well, and the sale brings the price down to $40, right around the lowest you'll see that JCF option for anyway.

Last from the clearance section are these lightweight Chinos:

Lightweight Davis Color Chino | Club Monaco
Club Monaco almost always has some of these in the sale section, but normally only the crazy bright colors. This time, they've got a bunch of more neutral options, including these in a light olive that I'm really liking. Normally $70, these will only set you back $25.

Moving on to the regular sale section (which is not final sale). While the 30% added discount isn't quite as impressive, there are still some great deals here. Among these are plenty of great staple items, like OCBD's, white Poplin dress shirts, blue blazers, you name it - but I keep finding myself drawn to some of the funky patterns that pop up here and there. First thing to grab my attention was this slim-fit shirt in a foulard pattern:
Slim-Fit Foulard Shirt | Club Monaco
I love the vintage-y feel of this, and while I can't see myself really matching it with a tie (I guess it could be done, but I wouldn't love it), I think it would make a shard addition to my casual wardrobe - and I'm all about keeping things sharp, even when off-duty. Regularly $90, this clocks in at $42 after the discount.

Likewise, check out these plaid chinos, in the slim Davis fit, knocked down to $35 from $80:
Plaid Davis Chino | Club Monaco
I keep going back and forth as to whether these are too loud, but something about them is just irresistible to me, and I think these will look awesome dressed down with a crisp white T-shirt or polo and some white bucs or canvas sneaks. Of all the items I've thrown up in this section, these are already in my shopping cart.

Moving on from Club Monaco, here are a few more that caught our eye:

15% Off from the Cool Material Shop:
Not a lot of apparel on here, but Cool Material is an awesome site for, well, cool material - gadgets, gear, supplies, you name it (plus, they were awesome enough to feature yours truly in a 'Wear This' feature a little while back). There are just tons and tons of cool things here, and all knocked down by 15% for the holiday weekend. The one thing I always come to Cool Material for are these notepads from Word. Notebooks:

Word. Notebooks | Cool Material
They have this funky to-do list system that I'm absolutely hooked on - honestly, if I leave mine at home, productivity is just out the window, it's an addiction! They are never expensive at $10 for a 3-pack, but the sale brings them down to an even more affordable $8.50. Browse the rest of the store and check out the watches, the pens, the flasks, yeesh, so much good stuff!

40% Off Regular Items at Gap:
Finishing things up with one pick from the Gap Memorial day sale - I've pretty consistently recommended the Gap lived-in slim khakis, but as the temps are finally rising and the summer heat is really coming, I've had my mind on some more lightweight options. These lightweight 'casual pants' are clocking in at just $33, making them a good contender for my summer shopping list:

Lightweight Casual Pant | Gap

We'll wrap up with that, but there are a boatload of Memorial Day sales going on. Honestly, it's a pretty safe bet that pretty much any brand will be offering some sort of discount, but you can also check out these lists from Well-Spent and Valet that round up some of the best!

Happy Memorial Day! Share any fun plans or great buys you've got in store this holiday in the comments below!

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