Monday, May 26, 2014

My Memorial Day Style

In a follow up to last week's post on staying sharp during your Memorial Day festivities, here's what I rocked this weekend. Granted, we weren't headed for the beach or a cookout, but we did spend the afternoon in the sun on the patio at a local bar, getting boozy on Bloody Mary's and IPA's and enjoying the company of good friends. Pretty much all you can ask for. My outfit was a slight variation on one of my recommendations, and came out like this (shop the look after the post):

It was actually one of the first really warm days here in Chicago...maybe not hot (that word will take on new perspective when we break 100 degrees), but definitely warm enough to take the heat into consideration, so I kept things easy breezy head to toe. Started with a pair of chambray shorts that I picked up from J.Crew last year. These things cover all the bases, and though they are a tad longer than I'd prefer, I like the range that gives me, length-wise, just by giving the cuff a quick roll or two. Super light, super comfortable, these are a go-to all summer.

For shoes, I swapped out my requisite boat shoes for these newer Converse Jack Purcell sneakers. Just picked these up a few weeks ago and they've quickly become a summer favorite. They're lightweight and casual, but the all-white adds a level of sharpness, as does the Jack Purcell cut over say, the Chuck Taylor.

Finally, topped things off with this vintage shirt that I actually stole from  my dad's closet maybe a decade ago. I've been wearing it since - through good style and bad, and don't think I'll ever be able to bring myself to get rid of it.

It's a bit baggy through the body, and the sleeves are kinda short, so I'm thinking of doing some 'construction' on it this year - maybe cut the sleeves down to short sleeves? Get some darts or have the whole thing take in at the sides? Or make it super summer (it's already light as a feather) and take the collar off, rock the mao collar? Open to suggestions, for sure!

The Outfit:
Shirt - Vintage
Shorts - J.Crew Factory
Shoes - Converse Jack Purcell
Socks (unseen, as they should be) - PACT
Glasses - Penn Avenue Eyewear

How were you stylin' on the holiday? Share descriptions or pics below!

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