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Deals and Steals for the Weekend - 5/9/2014

Woof. This felt like a really long week. All the better that it's finally time for some weekend fun - and maybe some weekend shopping? Here it is:

"Every weekend, check in on the blog for a collection of the best (read: my favorite) deals and steals on the interweb for some quality shopping over the weekend. Have any to add? Share them in the comments or shoot me an e-mail. Also, if you're biting on any of these hooks, I'd love to hear about it!"

Alpha Khaki Collection Sale at Dockers:
I feel like we've been throwing Dockers on the Deals and Steals list a lot, but we've always focused on their (awesome) pants. There are still plenty of chinos on sale, especially if you are up for venturing beyond the Alpha Khaki collection, but this week I was really caught by their other apparel. They've had some really stylish stuff running, but it never ends up in the sale section...until now. First thing that caught my eye was this casual button-up shirt in a perfect-for-summer madras-y plaid:
Wrinkle Twill Shirt in Coral | Dockers
They are calling it 'wrinkle twill,' but I'm just interpreting that as their version of seersucker, which makes this bad boy all the more tempting, especially as we just had our first 'hot' day of the summer here in Chicago and my mind is finally full swing focused on hot-weather duds. Normally $68, this shirt is going for just $41.

Definitely take a look at the rest of their tops - along with some other nice shirts, they have some good-looking sweaters and other knits, if you are looking to stock up for next fall. Back to the pantaloons, I noticed these 'City Khakis' also listed under the Alpha collection:
City Khaki in Navy Smoke Stripe | Dockers
They aren't described as Alphas in the product details, so I'm not sure if that's a mistake? The fit sounds similar, with a slim cut and taper below the knee. Regardless, I'm kinda digging them...the microstripe, again, seems like a play off of seersucker and will look very seasonally appropriate this summer. The 'permanent crease' will dress these up a bit too, I can see myself rocking these with a nice summer blazer. At just $40, down from $68, these might be hard to pass up.

Additional 25% Off at Brooks Brothers (code FF25):
Brooks Brothers, one of the original pioneers of American prep style, is having their yearly(?) friends and family sale, knocking down pretty much all their prices by another 25%. Brooks Brothers is usually a bit out of my budget, but when you combine that discount with some already-great sale prices, things get affordable fast! First off, if you happen to be a size large or bigger, please buy this popover oxford:
Solid Oxford Popover Sport Shirt | Brooks Brothers
I want it, so bad, but they've been sold out of my size forever. This was a great deal even before the F&F discount, which takes the final price to only $30 (originally $80). I'm kinda obsessed with popovers this season, and they are hard to find at an affordable price, with this classic and risk-free of a style. Jump on it.

Brooks Bros is one of those brands that names all their fits actual names (as in, not just 'slim' and 'regular' or 'classic,' etc.). They also have a lot of them. Just know that Milano is their slimmest fit, and probably the one you want. Lucky us, they have some nice Milano fit chinos in the sale section as well:
Milano Fit Vintage Chinos | Brooks Brothers
Originally $100, the sale price combined with the additional discount marks these down to a crazy low price of $22.50, which would be a steal almost anywhere. Classic colors like navy and khaki are contrasted with a bright mustard, so you have some safe options and a bold kicker in there too. 

Extra 30% Off at J.Crew Factory (code SALE30):
J.Crew Factory is at the discount code game again, this time offering 30% off sitewide. While the whole site is worth a browse, I headed right for the clearance section to see what I could get dirt cheap, and I was disappointed. Their leather plaque belt has been very highly recommended to me as an ultimate go-to dress belt:

Leather Plaque Belt | J.Crew Factory
Normally the price doesn't dip far below the original $40, but with the discount it's currently all the way down to $12, which is kind of insane. So just buy it, don't even think about it (ha! horrible advice for budget-conscious shoppers, I know). 

I was also pretty delighted to see chinos in the clearance section, and even though they only have this 'apple green' color, as opposed to your more standard chino colors, I'm actually a big fan of the color:
Slim Broken-In Chino | J.Crew
It's light and bright enough to really take on that spring/summer vibe, but is a bit more grounded than a full-on mint or teal. Even better, there are tons of sizes available, which doesn't tend to be the case for JCF clearance. Along those lines, I always check out the accessories for one-size products, like these socks (bright, yes, but also under $3 a pair).

Dharma Eyewear at Touch of Modern:
So, Touch of Modern is a modern design flash-sale site. Full disclosure, I've never actually bought anything through them, but I've been getting their e-mails for years and always enjoy checking out the beautiful products they sell. After all that time, this sunglass collection is the sale that might make me actually try them out. Never heard of the brand before, but I'm really liking this style:
Karma in Indian Summer | Dharma Eyewear via Touch of Modern
It's got that vintage-y modern vibe, with the keyhole cutout and Persol-ish shape - but I'm taking a poll here, what do you think of the color scheme? I keep seeing shades with that clear-ish acetate frame, and the more I see it the more I like it - but is it too bold for me? Is this specific example tastefully done? Please, chime in! I'm horrible at decisions and could use your help!

Regardless, they also offer the same frame in a much tamer tortoise-shell color:
Karma in Tortoise | Dharma Eyewear via Touch of Modern
Normally $100, these are already competitive with Warby Parker, but Touch of Modern is offering them for only $70 - and they have all the attributes of a quality pair of sunnies (polarized lenses, 100% UV protection, shatterproof, hell, they're even inspired by Radiohead). Sounds like a winner to me.

DON'T FORGET - Sunday is Mother's Day!
Treat her to something special! Flowers are never a bad choice and are sure to brighten any Mom's day. Delivery can get expensive, but lucky for you, From You Flowers is offering free shipping (a $15 value), but only through midnight on Friday, so act fast! 

So there you have it, shop away! Also wanted to mention quickly that I had the pleasure of writing a product review of some goods from Gagliardi for Effortless Gent. The review went live this week, and focuses on a great plaid summer blazer - definitely worth a look, plus they are hooking EG readers up with a discount! Check it out over here, and let me (or Barron) know what you think!

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