Monday, May 19, 2014

Memorial Day Style Suggestions

Holy cow, this year is just flying by. Seems like just yesterday we were celebrating Christmas, and now Memorial Day is less than a week away! Hopefully everyone is in for some nice weather, which should mean only one thing: BBQ time! And while a nice summer cookout is a great time to relax and let loose, that doesn't mean it's a time to slack on your style - whether you're trying to attract the other singles, or are already coupled-up but trying to impress your friends and family, the key is to balance sharp and casual and make it look effortless. Here are a few good looks that we put together (chock full of discounts, too) in case you're in need of some inspiration:

Hot-Weather Grillin':
First up is an ensemble for all of you lucky enough to be basking in some really steamy weather this weekend - I'm talking just too darn hot for pants or sleeves:

Braided Leather Belt - L.L. Bean

Shorts are a tricky beast for guys over the age of 20. The trick to keeping your look grown-up is to find shorts that hit above the knee and are fitted close to the body. Nothing skintight, of course, but similar to your slim chinos. We love a good pair of chambray shorts for something a little different from the rest of the pack without being wacky. Cap the darker shorts with a light-colored polo up top (we love the Michael Bastian x Uniqlo collab for some stylish and slim polos - try 5offUNIQLO for a $5 discount through 5/22) and some breathable canvas sneak's on the bottom. Keeping the belt leather holds the whole 'fit back from the uber-casual edge, but going for a braided option maintains the laid-back nature.

The Rest of America:
Most of us probably won't be sweating in the sun, considering we just had a day that didn't break 50 here in Chicago. This combo will keep you from shivering if it gets a little chillier, but still embraces the summery vibe:

Something about Memorial Day and grilling screams classic American prep to me, so we went ahead and embraced it with this outfit - from the classic khaki chinos to a casual OCBD (bonus: Everlane has free shipping this entire month) to the (preferably) kinda-beat-up boat shoes. Use the ribbon belt to inject a little youth and color into the look, or shake things up with some non-traditional boat shoes or an OCBD in a brighter or more saturated color.

The Cover-Up:
Hotter or cooler climate, chances are that in May, temps will drop as the sun goes down, so bringing a lightweight layer to cover up with is never a bad idea. 

A cotton sweater will give you a little more warmth without being quite as cozy as a wool knit. Nautical stripes are perfect for the spring season, and add another preppy edge to an outfit. Very JFK on vacation. On the other hand, a lightweight bomber is sharp and subtle, and maybe a bit more versatile. Our favorites are made by the iconic Barracuda brand, but you can find affordable and nearly-as-stylish alternatives at much lower prices.

Sharper Than Your Average Bear:
The majority of us will probably be keeping things pretty casual over the holiday weekend, but I'm sure there are some gents out there with something a little more dressed-up on their calendar. From a full suit in cotton chino or linen to a sharp summer blazer and chinos, you've got a lot of options. If it were us, here's what we would be wearing: 

So pumped to bust out the Oxley's this season - I talk em up all the time, and they really are the most comfortable dress pants I've ever worn, but they hold a nice crease and stand up great in a more tailored look (if it's your first order, and you plan on breaking $75, use our referral for $25 off). Keep your blazer unlined and even unconstructed - sharp and semi-formal, but not business-like. Since you're adding an extra layer with the blazer, you'll probably want to keep your shirting lightweight, and this may be the perfect chance to rock a linen shirt. Finally, some rich suede loafers and a pelican-hook belt add some subtle, classy flair.

What do you think? How will you be stuntin' this weekend? Chime in below!

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