Thursday, June 12, 2014

Announcing 'Dad Packs' from Tie Society in time for Father's Day

Hey fellas, Father's Day is just around the corner, have you gotten your dad a great gift yet? Sure, it's a little last minute, but if you're still shopping around, Tie Society has a hell of a nice package custom-built for the holiday. 

Hopefully you've all read my review of Tie Society from some time last year. If you haven't, it's right over here, but the short version is that Tie Society is a pretty awesome service. Their (unofficial?) tag line sums it up pretty perfectly - it's like Netflix for ties - for a very affordable monthly fee, you get to shop their 'closet' of sharp ties, pocket squares, tie clips, and other accessories. Just like Netflix, you 'borrow' an item (or three, or five, depending on your subscription), wear it as long as you want, and send it back when you're ready for something new. Not only is it a fantastic way to get a feel for you personal style, try new looks, and experiment without committing to a hefty purchase, but it's run by some great guys who are really there to help you look good. 

Anyway, I'm always happy to shout out their deals and promotions, and their Father's day offer is pretty spot-on. For the holiday, they've put together a pre-curated box, or 'Dad Pack' if you will. Each box comes complete with two ties, a pocket square, tie bar, and a cufflinks set, along with a custom, handwritten message (dictated by you), along with a few extra TS freebies:

Even better, they give you two options for gifting this pack: for $50, you rent the package, and along with all the goodies, your dad will get a three-month, three-item subscription to Tie Society, and the 'Dad Pack' serves as the first shipment, with a bonus of including all five items (plus the freebies and note) in his first package, instead of three. The second options is to straight-up purchase the box, which will run you an even $100. 

Either way it's a great deal - the three month subscription is regularly $19.95/month (so about $60 for three), and if you opt to purchase, the ties alone have a retail value of $75 or more. Frugal, stylish, and a solid company - sounds like a Wide Eyes, Tight Wallets winner to me.

Head over to Tie Society to rent or purchase your pack today, and tune back into the blog later tonight for the weekly Deals and Steals!

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