Friday, June 27, 2014

Deals and Steals for the Weekend - 6/27/2014

SO! Today is Friday. Not Thursday. My internal calendar got all of its wires crossed and I thought yesterday was Wednesday, hence Deals and Steals is a bit delayed. Without further ado:

"Every weekend, check in on the blog for a collection of the best (read: my favorite) deals and steals on the interweb for some quality shopping over the weekend. Have any to add? Share them in the comments or shoot me an e-mail. Also, if you're biting on any of these hooks, I'd love to hear about it!"

Before we start, I'll just say that I'm sure there will be a ton of 4th of July sales starting up on Monday - if we get a chance, we'll take a look at the best, but I definitely recommend taking a look around your favorite shops/brands at the end of the weekend. Anyway, here's what I found today:

Summer Sale at Frank & Oak:
Sales at Frank and Oak only come every so often, so I usually try to grab a piece or two while discounts are to be had. It doesn't look like there's an end date for this one, which most likely means it will keep rolling until stock runs out, but if you dawdle you may find yourself out of luck. As always, use our referral link to score $25 in credit (which makes these deals even harder to pass up). Among my picks are these Valence chino shorts, marked down to $35 from $50:
Valence Chino Shorts in Ivy Green | Frank & Oak
I actually was just recommending these to a fella over on Reddit who was looking for something similar to the J.Crew shorts but with a narrow leg opening. I have a pair of these from F&O and that's my favorite part - the slim fit doesn't end with the thigh, but carries through the leg, which I think just leads to a more flattering fit. There are a few colors available, but this military-ish green is my favorite of the bunch.

I've also got my eye back on the F&O blazers - I was off them for a while, as I found the tails kept getting shorter and shorter and the button stance higher and higher, but I saw some pics lately of Sabir Peele (of Men's Style Pro) looking pretty sharp in their newer Laurier cut, and he confirmed that it seems to be much more classically proportioned. After hearing that, I'm really tempted by the few that landed in the sale section. There are some more traditional options, but this green pique caught my attention:
Laurier Pique Blazer in Pine Green | Frank & Oak
Hunter green is a pretty underrated color, and I think this could stand out in just the right way. I'm curious as to how heavy the fabric is, but the fact that it's only partially lined bodes well for a nice summer blazer. Marked down to $94 (from $125) ain't too shabby either.

Again, feel free to use our referral link for that tasty credit.

Final Clearance up to 50% Off at Nordstrom:
Nordstrom's big sale is coming to an end, but you still have a chance to grab some great discounts. Been thinking of testing the dub-monk waters? Check out these bad boys from Nordstrom's in-house 1901 brand:
'Lynden' Double Monk | 1901 via Nordstrom

Sure, the brick soles limit them to more casual occasions, but if you're looking to test out the trend, it doesn't get much better than $50 for a pair of well-reviewed shoes. The shape is just perfect, which is actually pretty hard to find in a double-monk, and cheap suede is always a safer bet than cheap leather. These may very well end up in my closet this week.

The Nordstrom sale is also a great chance to get a good deal on items from brands that charge stupid high shipping fees and/or rarely offer free shipping through their own stores (which Nordstrom always does) - I'm talking Ralph Lauren, Gant, and especially Brooks Brothers. Unfortunately, these days it's damn hard to find a Brooks Brothers shirt that's not a formaldehyde dipped non-iron cotton (ugh, please), but they do have a few short-sleeved madras options that look to be all-natural. I'd grab this one, from the younger, slimmer Red Fleece line:
'Red Fleece Collection' Modern Fit Madras Plaid Sport Shirt | Brooks Brothers via Nordstrom
I don't have to tell you again how great of a summer fabric/patter madras is (just read about it here). We've been spoiled with pretty cool temperatures so far this summer, but at some point it's bound to get real hot and humid, at which point you'll be happy to have scored a shirt like this - especially at just $37 (originally $55). 

Browse the rest of the sale before it's too late!

Extra 20% Off Sale Items at Bonobos (code SALESECRET):
This one came with no fanfare (hence the 'secret' part, I guess), and there are a helluva lot of good deals to be had. Of course, check out all the chinos, which Bonobos is best known for - and I highly recommend taking a look at the Oxley's. They aren't super cheap, but they are super comfortable, and if the 20% off drops them into your budget, definitely get a pair. As far as their standard chinos go, my pick is this 'hickory' color:
Hickory Slicks Chinos in Slim Straight | Bonobos
I actually just picked these up a few weeks ago - to be honest, I don't remember if my price was this good, and I don't want to check in case I get bitter, but 20% off of $48 is a damn steal for any pants, let alone the fantastic Bonobos fit. I love that these clock in a little darker than your standard khaki, which just adds a bit of subtle variation to the lineup.

I've also always had really good luck with Bonobos sweaters. Sure, it's not necessarily sweater season, but a nice cotton knit makes a perfect layering piece for cooler nights. I think this bird's eye pattern helps capture a more summer-y vibe as well:
Sparrowfield Sweater in Heather Grey & White | Bonobos
100% cotton is great for the summer - a little easier to maintain, and a little less insulating. Pick one of these up and stuff it in your beach bag next time you head to the shore.

We have a referral link to Bonobos as well, which will knock $25 off a purchase of $75 or more.

Sample Sale from The Hill-Side:
Last on our list is this small collection from a newer brand, The Hill-Side. While I haven't had the chance to try them out yet, they make some damn nice looking accessories (I think we may have picked out a few before) that make great use of saturated indigo coloring and high quality fabrics. Normally pretty pricey, this sample sale puts a lot of items at much more manageable price points. I picked out two ties, the first of which is this cool 'starburst' pattern:

Starburst Discharge Print "Shwe Shwe" Tie | The Hill-Side
Have you noticed that I like patterns that look solid from afar, with more detail up close? This falls into that category, with only really the bright yellow centers visible at a first glance, but so much more to the pattern when you take a better look.

I'm also digging this overdyed gingham, which I actually passed over at first:

Selvedge Overprinted Gingham Check Tie | The Hill-Side
When I was skimming through, I thought it looked too bold, but when I came back to it, I decided it was a pretty perfect summer casual tie that could really add a pop of brightness against a white OCBD and tan cotton blazer. Both ties are only $30 on sale, regularly priced at $85 and $90, respectively.

And that's all we have for you this week - like I said, I have a feeling there are some good sales on the horizon, which may explain the general lack of wide discounts to be found today. We'll have to see.

Picking up anything special this weekend? Share your own steals in the comments:

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