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Deals and Steals for the Weekend - 6/13/2014

"Every weekend, check in on the blog for a collection of the best (read: my favorite) deals and steals on the interweb for some quality shopping over the weekend. Have any to add? Share them in the comments or shoot me an e-mail. Also, if you're biting on any of these hooks, I'd love to hear about it!"

Happy weekend! That's all I gotta say...enjoy the deals:

$20 off Two Shirts at Frank & Oak (code OHSHIRT20):
Title says it all - buy two shirts and you'll get $20 off. Not too shabby, BUT this one ends Friday at midnight, so hop on it fast. Most of the shirts run $45 each ($55 at most), so with the discount applied, they'll run you just $35 a pop. Sign up for the Hunt Club, and you'll get free shipping, plus if you use our referral link you get $25 credit, SO add it all up and you could end up basically getting half off (two shirts for $45 - $55). I've said a few times that Frank & Oak can be hit or miss, but the one aspect that's always been a 'hit' for me has been their shirts, so I'm loving this discount. They've got a real solid lineup of spring shirts that straddle the casual/dressy line pretty damn well. Here are some favorites:

Jasper Oxford in Ocean | Frank & Oak
I have this exact shirt and wear it all the time. Pretty hard to go wrong with a light blue slim fit oxford. I know a lot of guys will already have one in their wardrobe, so if you're already stocked up, check out the other colors (I'm going to grab one in the 'Rhubarb' color to add to my collection). One of my favorite things about this specific cut is that they get the length just perfect to go tucked-in to work or untucked off-duty.

Oakhill Chambray Shirt in Rosewood | Frank & Oak
Boom - another one that I already own and love. I'm a huge fan of F&O chambray, and this is a winner for the warmer months (some of their fabrics are a bit on the thicker side, but this one is nice and lightweight). The red is a great alternative to your standard grey and blue chambrays, letting you stand out from the crowd just a bit.

Linen Utility Shirt in Marine | Frank & Oak
For those really hot days, even a lightweight chambray might be a bit too warm, which makes this linen shirt a fantastic option. I love that it looks like a chambray workshirt, right down to the details, but will be super lightweight and breezy.

Tofino Striped Shirt in Ocean | Frank & Oak
Last, take things up a notch with this striped button-down. This thing can't decide if it's striped or colorblocked, but either way it's a sharp casual shirt that's sure to get you noticed. The teal/blue/white color-way is kinda nautical and very summery - haha, honestly, it's hard for me to put a finger on what I like so much about this, but I do.

Browse the rest of the collection, there are plenty more great options including some bold floral and geometric prints as well as some more neutral business-casual options. Again, use our referral code for $25 credit when you sign up.

Dockers Summer Sale:
Yep, we feature Dockers all the time here in Deals and Steals, but they've got some newer styles that we haven't really seen yet, and I'm really tempted to make a few purchases. Most exciting to me is the addition of some lightweight chinos - I love their Alpha Khakis, but the things are pretty heavy for the summer, and I've been getting worried about what I'll do when (if?) it actually gets hot here in Chicago. Voila, problem solved. If I grab a pair, I'll either go for Ink (a nice darker blue with some grey/slate hues) or 'Green Wax' (a weird name for a summer-perfect mint) color:
Alpha Khakis in Lightweight Ink & Lightweight Green Wax | Dockers
Both are currently down to $40 from their regular retail price of $68, making them very affordable summer picks.

Also in the sale section are these selvedge chinos, and I can't decide if I love them or not - what do you think?
Alpha Khaki in Selvedge Indigo | Dockers
Selvedge is always nice, and these clock in at only $50 (down from $88), much less than most selvedge pants. The color is where I get a little thrown - at first glance it looks like a nice versatile blue, but up close (and per the description), it has a very denim-y look, along with some contrast white stitching, which could put it in no-mans land between business-casual chinos and actual denim. Still, it's the first time I've seen selvedge Alphas, and I'm intrigued!

Last, just gotta point out these plain old Alphas in 'Water Wheel' green:
Alpha Khaki in Water Wheel Green | Dockers
I picked these up a few months back, and was initially thinking they were going to be hard to wear due to the bright green hue, but I end up popping these on pretty much every weekend (check out some of my looks on Instagram here, here, here, and also here on the blog). Right now, they are an unbeatable $15, which is just insane. Buy them now!

Under $35 Sale at J.Crew Factory:
Never seen this type of sale at JCF again, but they've got a bunch of stuff all clocking in at under $35 (makes sense). My first pick is this slim navy card-holder wallet, marked down to just $12.99 from $24.50:
Leather Card Holder | J.Crew Factory
I have the same thing in brown and I can't recommend it highly enough. Just enough storage space for your essentials, but slim enough to slip into your inner blazer pocket or a pair of slim trousers without ending up with an unsightly bulge. My brown one has developed a great patina over the past year, but I honestly would probably get this blue if I had the decision now - navy leather looks great and is just unusual enough to give you a bit of a unique edge.

Next, this madras-y plaid shirt is a no-brainer for a classic summer look:
Slim Washed Shirt in Summer Plaid | J.Crew Factory
Slim fit, and their washed cotton fabric tends to be nice and lightweight. Don't really need to say much more, besides that it's only $28.99 (regularly $62.50).

If you're like me and have been tempted by white denim but are hesitant to a) rock something quite that bold and b) to risk something that easy to stain, these jeans in an off-white, natural hue are the perfect alternative:
Driggs (Slim) Garment-Dyed Jean | J.Crew Factory

Even better, at just $35 (half off from $70), they aren't much of a financial risk at all.

Last, if you haven't already, check out this awesome Father's Day deal from Tie Society. Spend some quality time with your Dad this Sunday, and have a great weekend!

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