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Deals and Steals for the Weekend - 6/20/2014

Welp, folks, my trusty old laptop bit the dust on Wednesday, so I'm vaguely off-line for a few days while I get my warranty figured out. Hopefully I'll have my setup back in order by next week, but beware that posting may be a bit irregular until I do. Fortunately, I'd already put together a pretty good list of Deals and Steals pre-crash, so you won't have to go without (oh, the horrors). 

"Every weekend, check in on the blog for a collection of the best (read: my favorite) deals and steals on the interweb for some quality shopping over the weekend. Have any to add? Share them in the comments or shoot me an e-mail. Also, if you're biting on any of these hooks, I'd love to hear about it!"

Remember how I said we would return to the Mr. Porter sale? Well, the time has come, and this week's list looks almost exclusively at their e-commerce collection. Prices are now marked down to up to 70% off retail prices, which can get you some pretty incredible deals. To avoid repetition, we won't be featuring any items that we listed the other week, but they may be worth taking another look at for further reduced prices.

For the new deals this week, we divided things up into a few categories that we thought really took the cake as far as variety of great (and now affordable) options. First up:

Yeah, it's still summer, but Fall will be here before you know it. Plus, I don't know about you folks, but where I live (Chicago), it's been a rollercoaster of 95 degree days followed by 60 degree days, so having some options to throw on when it gets chilly is never a bad idea. Plus, shopping ahead leaves you prepared, instead of scrambling. Here are our picks (with just a few notes):

Windproof Lightweight Jacket | Beams Plus via Mr. Porter
Originally $300, this is holy-hell marked down to just $90 (yeah, those 70% drops do damage). Gotta love the details on this one - the not-too-bright red, the contrasting ribbed cuffs, the windbreaker fabric. Stylish, and functional, and affordable!

Cotton Bomber Jacket | Hardy Amies via Mr. Porter
This guy is marked down to a little under $160 (originally $525), and is a helluva great example of a classic bomber jacket. Nothing too funky on this one, which is great - and the color is a bit unique, in a really nice, subtle way. Not a true blue or a navy blue, but lighter with a touch of grey...maybe more....slate? Sharp, regardless.

Cotton Twill Lightweight Bomber Jacket | APC via Mr. Porter
This is about as classic as it gets. Read more about twill over here in our 'Know Your Fabrics' series, but with a brand like APC (also known for their great selvedge denim) you should be pretty confident you're getting a solid piece of apparel. And at $188 (down from $470), it's not as hard on the wallet as APC tends to be.

Woven Cotton Bomber Jacket | Hentsch Man via Mr. Porter
A really lightweight bomber, this one comes in a nice off-white shade that looks almost linen-y, and will be perfect for one of those cooler summer nights, or to throw on for a beach bonfire. Pretty classic design, but I enjoy the contrast between the dark ribbing and the lighter body. Now just under $190 from $375.

I'll start this section by saying SHOP FAST - this stuff sells out real quick. I had a whole list of shirts yesterday, today they are gone. Good news, they added more, soooo new list!

Slim Fit Check Brushed-Cotton Shirt | J.Crew via Mr. Porter
I know, we gave you a lot of J.Crew finds already, but this is one of the few left, and I think the only slim fit. It's a nice shirt too, definitely leaning casual with a button-down collar and a Tattersall check, but I could see me throwing it under a casual blazer with a cotton tie. And at $21 (and free shipping, remember), this is the definitely of a steal (regularly $70).

Camouflage-Print Cotton Shirt | J.Crew via Mr. Porter
One more from J.Crew - I'm not sure I'd wear this myself, but if you are looking to try out some camo (or already like the look), I appreciate the way this deviates from the standard camo 'shapes,' if you will, and going for something a bit more swirly and abstract. Just a cool touch, to my eye, and at $30 (originally $100), it's quite affordable. I'd rock it as a lightweight jacket, almost, or contrast it with some bright white jeans.

Esquina Short-Sleeved Cotton Oxford Shirt | Saturdays Surf NYC via Mr. Porter
I've been hearing tons of good things about Saturdays Surf NYC and this might be a good chance to check them out. You know my opinion - can't go wrong with an OCBD, and the short sleeves on this one make it a bit More summer appropriate (as does the slightly more saturated than normal red hue). This one's only 50% off, but that still brings it down to $50 (from $100), which isn't unmanageable. 

Walland Plaid Cotton-Flannel Shirt | Billy Reid via Mr. Porter
Billy Reid is another designer I've heard some good things about but never had the scratch to try. That said, I'm digging this flannel for fall - I love gingham, and the warmer brown checks on this plaid bring to mind a cold-weather gingham. It's got the rugged flannel look, but oozes sophistication rather than shouts 'lumberjack'!

Surprisingly few shorts options, but plenty in the trousers and jeans.

Bowery Straight Fit Wool Trousers | J.Crew via Mr. Porter
Finding a pair of wool trouser (especially sharp ones like these, in navy) for under $100 is a hell of a challenge, so scoring these for just $42 (originally $140), is a great bargain for a pair of pants that will be incredibly versatile come fall and winter. Seriously, you will wear these with everything. If you click through the product images, I like how they styled it a bit more casually.

Simon Slim-Fit Brushed Cotton Twill Chinos | NN.07 via Mr. Porter
A solid pair of slim chinos in a red that's just deep enough to avoid the in-your-face feel that some brighter pants have. The brushed cotton fabric will help tone this down too (as opposed to something with more sheen), and in the end you have a fantastic casual pant, and at just $50 (originally $165), you won't feel bad wearing these to run errands or hit the dive bar.

Slim-Fit Cotton-Blend Trousers | Billy Reid via Mr. Porter
These just look like a fantastic summer pant. Described as sharp, but soft and lightweight, I have a feeling this will work equally well on a hot day at the office (showing up to work already sweaty is the worst), or relaxing on the weekend at a BBQ or lake-side picnic lunch with your sweetheart (ugh, I'm daydreaming about what I'd rather be doing right now). Regularly $225, these are marked down to around $68.

Alexander Regular-Fit Dry Selvedge Denim Jeans | Raleigh Denim via Mr. Porter
No frills here, just some solid raw selvedge denim, of the type that normally doesn't sell for much under $200. I think all I need to say here is: $85.50, down from $285. Just keep in mind they are regular fit, not slim, so if that doesn't float your boat...well...don't buy them, I guess. 

Not seeing a lot, but check back regularly - last year I got my Sperry's (seen in today's Instagram #WIWT post) for $50 here, there are usually some good options at some point

Again, these things are all flying off the shelves, so don't be surprised when stuff starts selling out, but check back every so often for restocks or newly added items. This sale can be a treasure trove!

OK, OK, I won't leave with JUST Mr. Porter, so here's a list of a few other nice sales going on:

Club Monaco is offering an extra 40% off clearance items.
Charles Tyrwhitt has shirts on sale starting at just $35.
Pact has a summer sale with an extra 20% off already discounted items (great chance to stock up on some no-show loafer socks).
Bonobos is offering an extra 30% off sale casual shirts (code GETSHIRTY).
Nordstrom is in the midst of their semi-annual men's sale.
J.Crew Factory is offering an extra 30% off sitewide.

If I get a chance, I'll update this list as the weekend goes on. Happy shopping!

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