Sunday, January 5, 2014

Keepin' It Budget with Target Boot Socks

Even with our weekly 'Deals and Steals,' Wide Eyes, Tight Wallets occasionally risks venturing out of 'Tight Wallet' zone, so I try to make a conscious effort to steer back time-to-tome to articles that really prioritize the 'budget-friendly' aspect of the site (of course without sacrificing too many style points). 

Here's one of those posts, as we endorse the Mossimo Supply Co. Boot Sock from Target

Men's Hiker Boot Sock | Mossimo Supply Co. via Target
This has been the year that I've taken a whole-hearted dive into keeping myself warm, and it's been a good year to do it as this Chicago winter has already been pretty damn brutal. When it's a zero-degree high for the day, it's really important to keep your extremities bundled up and avoid losing any body heat while you're out fighting the elements. One or two good pairs of gloves is plenty, but if you try spreading your socks that thin, you're going to end up in stinky trouble.

On the other hand, these warm smartwool or merino wool or cashmere socks get expensive pretty quick, especially if you are like me, constantly unprepared and running into a store mid-day because your feet are freezing. Enter the Mossimo Supply Co. Boot Sock, available at target for only $5.00 a pair. Sure, they aren't pure wool (or pure anything, for that matter), and they will probably fall apart by the end of winter, but I got one for every day of the week for well under $50 (and they have enough colors to do so).
Some of the many colors and varieties offered. 

Beyond that, they are warm, comfortable (the acrylic that makes them so cheap actually makes them softer and less itchy as well), and have that great 'ragg' look that I love to rock on my feet in these cold months. I've worn them with boots, lace-ups and loafers and been compliment and comfy all around. 

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