Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mr. Pocket Square - Front and Center

A few weeks before Christmas, Mr. Pocket Square sent me a pocket square from their collection to sample. 
Tartan Pocket Square | Mr. Pocket Square
It's a beautiful, festive square and I've been rocking it since it arrived, and am just now getting a chance to really feature it here on the blog.

Admittedly, most of the collection from Mr. Pocket Square is a bit bold and bright for my tastes. However, there are a few tamer gems in the mix that can be a great pop of color for an otherwise stolid outfit, but maintain enough class and subtlety to avoid looking affected.

The one I picked out is a perfect example, coming in a bright green and red plaid. Yeah, the colors are bright, but the pattern itself is pretty standard (you know this, you see plaid everywhere, and have for ages). I've been loving to use this square as the punch in an outfit, keeping everything else as minimal and 'classic' as possible. 

Here is one of my favorite looks, a simple white OCBD, grey wool blazer, and black knit tie. It really doesn't get any simpler than that, so the pizzazz added by the colorful pocket square doesn't risk pushing things over the edge. I wore this particular 'fit with jeans, but I was thinking it would have worked very well with my dark green chinos, which remain neutral but would play well with the subtle green tones from the square. 

Since the pocket square is such a small pop of color, I'd go ahead and repeat the injection below with a bold pair of socks, even something in solid bright red.

Extra hint: Score one of these squares, emblazoned with cute and classy hearts, for a standout touch on Valentine's day!
Blue Hearts Pocket Square | Mr. Pocket Square

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