Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Weaknesses - Socks and Ties

My computer is in the shop, which is the worst. Fortunately, my lovely girlfriend had her work laptop handy and let me jump on for a few minutes to throw a short post up.

I was doing laundry this weekend and was inspired to share my two wardrobe weaknesses, items that I have a zillion of, but will still buy in a heartbeat if something catches my eye: ties and socks.

Ties because they are the ultimate game-changer. Add one to a tie-less look and you automatically take your style level up a notch. On top of that, swap out the one you have for a completely new look, in a move that takes two minutes and zero laundry. I love knit ties, and The Knottery has some great ones (check out the polka dots) at very affordable prices. Also, I've recently started working with Peter Field here in Chicago (more on that later), and they have some really nice wool ties that are seasonally appropriate for this miserable winter weather!

Socks because they are comfortable and functional, but let you add this almost-secret dose of pizzazz to any outfit, no matter how formal or informal. You can take the simplest, monochromatic look and make it fun with a bright sock on the bottom. My tip for building a collection is to keep an eye on sales sections at retailers that offer free shipping. I've ammassed a respectable collection, rarely spending over $10 a pair. Nordstrom has a pair by Polo Ralph Lauren in a snazzy polka dot for around $9.00.

Hopefully my computer will be back in action soon, I have some larger features in  the works!

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