Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Niche For Men Deodorizing Wipes: An In-Person Review

Rapid-fire product reviews, gotta love it. Carl of Niche For Men, LLC reached out to me with a product to share that I think will be 100% appropriate for your next 'walk-of-shame' type of morning. After a night of raucous debauchery, and maybe not spending the night at home, you might be thinking outside the box for ways to freshen up. Niche For Men comes in with a, not-quite-unheard-of product in the form of an all-in-one facial and body wipe. 

A 'Niche for Men' 5-pack.
The product description really labels the things as an alternative to a shower when you're on the run, and the directions are pretty darn simple as well. Basically, use one wipe (they come in packs of two), and wipe what's smelly (or dirty, or grungy, you name it, just don't go wiping every hipster you see).

Two sets of wipes inside each pack.
The only thing that weirded me out at first was the direction to wash your hands after use. "Wait," I thought, "aren't the wipes supposed to do the washing themselves?" But then I thought a bit more, and confirmed with Carl that this is merely a suggestion to avoid ingesting the cleaning solution (or getting it in your eyes). Makes sense now. 

Poppin' one open.
I tested these out while I was traveling for the holidays. I thought they would be a perfect remedy to that gunky feeling you get after sitting in a car for 13 hours. I had planned on using one and then going out, but that afore-mentioned car ride had me beat, so I freshened up, hung around the house for a while, and then went to bed.

Goin' to work.
The results were...results. After a quick wipe, I definitely smelled much less like BO and more like a respectable human being. However, my girlfriend noted that the scent was kind of feminine. Personally, I don't think it's overly so, and it didn't bother me much, but if you're freshening up for the ladies, it's something to keep in mind. While I did smell better, I'm not sure I necessarily felt cleaner. One of those issues of masking vs. cleaning, I guess. However, I will say that it did a darn good job removing the oil and general scumminess that had built up on my face via a few fast food drive-in stops throughout the trip. By the next morning, the perfume was pretty much gone and I was starting to get a bit musky again, and definitely was ready for a shower.

Not too shabby!
Bottom line, I could see these being useful, if I had more of a use for them (circular logic, kinda, I know). I don't do a ton of traveling at this point (though I'd love to), and am rarely unable to shower once a day. I also don't really work out during the day (though this should change), so I don't often need a quick mid-day refresher. However, if I was to start hitting the gym on a lunch break, I think these wipes would be a great way to save some time (if necessary) and skip a post-workout shower here or there. Likewise, after a 12 hour flight, it could be very refreshing to duck into the airport bathroom and put a wipe to a quick use before bustling off to a business meeting. I don't see myself buying more of these in the immediate future, but I'll be keeping them in mind as an on-the-go solution moving forward. They run $3.00 for a two-pack, so I wouldn't think about using these like, 10 times a day, but here and there is entirely viable.

And I would definitely take advantage of these wipes real quick when I stumble out of bed for a Sunday Brunch, still bleary eyed and hungover from the night before. At least I'd show up smelling like roses!

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