Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Re-Genesis - Introducing Wide Eyes Tight Wallets!

Ok folks, the new and improved ———— blog has arrived! I say ————- because the biggest change is the name! I wanted to give this blog a unique URL that people might associate with more than my name. As fate would have it, somethinglesspretentious.tumblr.com is obnoxiously, well, pretentious. And any shorter version of the same was already taken (the plus side here is I can stop working so damn hard to incorporate that theme into my post titles). I went through a whole goddamn series of other names, each equally kickass while being dorky enough to be a blog title, but alas, they too were all taken (curse you likeminded but much quicker thinking bloggers)! Finally I’ve settles on “Wide Eyes, Tight Wallets,” for the incredibly complex reason that I want a lot (a LOT) of things, and I’m poor. Sigh. Along with this new title comes the new URL wideeyestightwallets.tumblr.com 

Anyway, I’m not in love with the title. Soooo that’s where the second exciting announcement comes in! I have finally figured out how to add a comments section. You should still feel free to contact me with the ‘Ask Me’ link or on twitter (@adam_lehman), but I’m hoping this will help me get feedback on articles and the blog in general. The first question I have for everyone, and be honest, is the new name lame-sauce? On a side note, I would thoroughly love any name with the word ‘rocket-sauce’ involved. Just Sayin. Also, do you have any better ideas you would like to throw out there? Yes, I’m trying to exploit you readers for your intellect and wit. Deal.

Lastly, please, reread old posts, use the comments site, let me know what you think. If you like what you’ve seen, spread the word. I have some big ideas for this for the future, but they can only happen if there are people to read it!

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