Tuesday, February 19, 2013

From Illness Comes Industrialism (or something less pretentious)

Welcome back, readers. I hope you all got to enjoy a long weekend as I did, and if you didn’t I hope you hurled some carefully crafted insults at your boss early Monday morning. On the downside, I spent all of yesterday in bed feeling pretty durn useless and under the weather. I managed to drag myself in to work today, but I’m still feeling like hell so instead of ruining everyone’s wonderful Tuesday with a gloomy and bland post, I will instead spend what little energy I have upgrading the site. Come back tomorrow, see if you notice the differences!

Hint - the only thing I actually have planned is to add a comments section (shit, I gave it away)!

Meanwhile, follow me on Instagram at @WideEyesTWBlog and on Twitter at @adam_lehman to be sure to stay fully updated on just how sick I am feeling!

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