Thursday, February 7, 2013

Genesis (or something less pretentious)

I’ve considered writing a blog for a long time now. I really enjoy writing, and hardly get the chance to any more. I also have interesting thoughts every so often, and sometimes I wish I could share them with more than my puggle and my girlfriend (even though they are both unbelievably adorable). Now I’m finally taking the leap.

So, the first step is the obvious logistical issue of: what do I blog about? Do I have a theme? Do I write? Do I post pictures? Honestly, I have no friggin clue, which is probably why I haven’t done this before. I’ve been throwing around ideas for so long now though, I figured I may as well just start the damn thing and brainstorm as I go. Here are some of the ideas for themes I had so far:

 What Time Is It And What Am I Doing?

Sample posts:

1. 12:34 on Thursday Afternoon. Blogging.

2. 7:36 on Friday Evening. Blogging.

3. 11:57 on a Tuesday Night. Sleepily blogging.

You get the gist.

Lloyd’s Life:

My girlfriend suggested that I write a blog about Lloyd, the Chicago rat. In this blog, Lloyd explores his deep-seated emotional distress caused by his poor stature in society and the fact that everyone hates him, and his paranoid suspicion that someone is trying to poison him…

and lastly:

Bowel Movements Reviewed:

No sample posts necessary.

Obviously none of of these are strong winners (I’ll leave it up to you to decide if that’s because they suck, or because they are all too damn good to pick one over the other). So for now, this blog will remain themeless. Hopefully over time a theme will carve itself out and this thing will really take form, but until then it will be a collection of my musings (FYI, my interests lie heavily in politics and menswear, so expect a lot of ideological rants about gun control and abortion alongside pictures of shoes and ties). Enjoy.

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