Thursday, February 28, 2013

Review Preview

Throughout my sartorial evolution I have been lucky enough to find some brands that I really love and would suggest to anyone. In an effort to pass this knowledge and experience on to my readers, I will be periodically writing brand reviews. The first is in progress and will be posted tomorrow, but I wanted to throw out a quick little intro today, namely to address two topics.

First, this will be my basic outline for each brand review:

  • Brand Background
  • What I’ve Bought
  • Review of Quality
  • Review of Customer Service

  • What’s To Love
  • What I’d Change
Right off the bat, I want to put it to you readers to suggest/request any additional information from me. I think this covers everything pretty well, but I want to be as informative as possible so please, let me know!

Second, I just want to tell you all right off the bat that these reviews will not (at this point) be all that frequent. Honestly, this is just because, alas, I’m a poor fella, and I can’t afford to be trying new brands and buying new things all the time. I don’t want to be writing any reviews based off single items, or second-hand purchases, so these reviews will only come if/when I feel I have enough experience to make a solid recommendation. Now, I hope I get some awesome raise (or maybe some freebies?) in the near future that will allow me to shop my ass off and tell you all about it, but for now that’s where I stand.

So. First review to come tomorrow! Get those credit cards ready, I got some great suggestions!

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