Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Tip Of The Hat To...


I decided it was time to follow through with my promises of recurring themes in my blog posts, so we are revisiting ‘A Tip Of The Hat to…” and delivering another review! Once again I’m writing from my office without the luxury of a camera or pre-shot photos, so I will be providing another review and suggestion of a fellow menswear blogger to follow. This editions subject is Tumblr’s very own Broke and Bespoke.

Here is a man to make you jealous. Not only does he have the most unbelievable thrift-shop game, he also has a pretty damn good sense of taste (if you ask me). From his apparent love of tweed and odd-jackets (which I share whole-heartedly) to the great photography and no-fluffs blogging style, this is a really fun one to follow. While you won’t necessarily be able to go out and buy the things he is wearing, you can get a lot of style inspiration from his outfits and reviews, as well as some encouragement to add thrifting to your regular shopping options, even for high end clothing. On top of that, apparently he has just been added as an editor for #menswear. I don’t really know what that means, but I assume it means he knows what he’s talking about (and before you give me any of that ‘assuming makes an ass out of you and me’ bull-snacks, give it a read, tell me I’m wrong)! No joke though, his thrift shop game is out-of-this-world-jealousy-inducing. Be warned.

You can also follow Broke and Bespoke on twitter at @BrokeAndBespoke. Posts come pretty often, with usually at least a WIWT (What I Wore Today for those of you new to the lingo) and some photo outtakes every day.

Lastly, to the author of Broke and Bespoke, if you read this and have anything you would like to add, drop me a line! And keep up the dapperness.

Photo courtesy of Broke and Bespoke (his self-described favorite outfit, read about it here).

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