Monday, February 25, 2013

Wear More, Wash Less (Your clothes will thank you)

One of the most important things to remember as you work towards upgrading your wardrobe is that these new, expensive clothes need to be taken care of or you are going to end up buying the same things over and over again, and personally, I can only afford to buy most of these things once. Here is my first of many tips on how to make your new investmests last:

Wear More, Wash Less: This has become a mantra of mine. It took me a while to change my habits, because it felt so unnatural (I was SO used to feeling like my clothes were dirty after one wear). But let’s think this through: Sure, when we were kids gettin grass stains or young adults with a lot of BO and not the best hygeine, it was really important to put on completely fresh clothes everyday before we started blending in with the soccer field or smelling like feet…all over. However, I would hope that we are all now capable of showering on a daily basis and keeping extraneous messes off of our fancy duds. The more you wash clothes and/or run them through the dryer, the quicker the fall apart. The chemicals involved as well as the general rough handling the washer will put your clothes through can be very detrimental. My advice: wear an undershirt and underwear and wash those after one use. This will keep your sweat and other juices off your clothes, allowing you to go several wears before washing. Trust me, you and your wallet will be much happier in the long run. ValetMag goes into some more detail with this great post on when to wash. I also recommend exploring the rest of their handbook for clothing-care tips, as they have some great ones.

There are a lot of other little tricks and tips that will help your apparell last through the years (as I mentioned, ValetMag Handbook has tons of great articles, and I will be posting my own over time), but this makes a huge difference, and is an easy place to start.

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