Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Tip Of The Hat To...(or something less pretentious)

A goal of mine is to provide a series of reviews through this blog. There are a billion places to look for inspiration, but I’ve found it hard at times to find out how to make that inspiration happen. Half the time I’ll read a blog and think “Yes! You’re right, I should own a pair of classic khakis. What have I been thinking??” (true story. Somehow I don’t own a single pair of khakis) and then I’m slammed with the question of where, among all the thousands of khakis sold online, to turn. On top of that, I am horrible at making decisions on my own, so I love blog articles that tell me exactly what to buy. Here, I figure I’ll spread the love. Since I don’t have a gazillion dollars, my plan is to review things as I buy them (I’ll pick some old favorites that I already own to start things off), and will also sprinkle in reviews/recommendations of other blogs, people to follow on twitter, etc. I’ll also try to keep these short and to the point, which is not my strong suit (for that, I turn to this great navy wool suit I got from…just playing. I actually don’t even own a suit. Puns aren’t my forte either. Neither is figuring out how to put an accent on the e in forte. I digress).

Since I am writing this post from work (shhhh, don’t tell!) and didn’t plan ahead to pick something out/take pictures of anything before I left the house, I will do my first product review some other time, and today you will get my first blog review!

I’ll start with one of my favorites: The Style Girlfriend. Written by Megan Collins, this blog has gotten a lot of positive attention lately (it was featured in GQ in the fall). I love it for a few reasons. One is that Megan is great at providing specific examples for all of her recommendations. As I said before, a pet peeve is being given great style advice with no resources on how to make that happen. Megan constantly gives links to that great pair of Chukkas she’s featuring (StyleGF LOVES chukkas).

Another thing I love is that, as a girl writing about menswear, Megan gives a view that, while incredibly educated in the matter, comes from outside. Sometimes I find it hard to relate to all these blogs written by rich Italian men or experienced tailors or heirs to vast fortunes that seem to expect readers to have grown up in the world of men’s fashion. In this sense, Megan and her intern(s) write very applicable articles for readers who are just getting their footing and would probably feel pretentious using the word ‘sartorial’ on a daily basis.

Finally, it’s ALWAYS great to have a girl say you look good, so I love to follow Megan’s recommendations (go Chukkas!).

There’s lots else to love about her blog too, I definitely recommend it. You can read her articles at, follow her on Twitter (@StyleGF), and like her on Facebook too.

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